That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 530

Leaving Sousturham

No… No! Why did you turn to him?!” Xanthe cried out in anguish, her voice laced with sorrow. “Dexter!
How could you!! He’s your brother, your own flesh and blood!”

She dropped to her knees, desperately gathering the scattered photos and clutching them to her chest
as if embracing her other son.

Xanthe clutched onto Dexter’s pant leg, pounding on it. “You ungrateful child!”

Dexter remained unmoved, coldly observing the woman who had abandoned all sense of dignity,
consumed by heartbreak. The pain in his own heart grew even more intense.

But his words were cutting and ruthless. “From now on, if you dare to interfere in my affairs, your son
will be in even greater danger. Mark my words.”

He kicked Xanthe away and smirked. “Don’t even think about moving him elsewhere. He will never be
able to get away.”

Xanthe was taken aback. In her disoriented state, she saw Dexter as nothing less than a devil

Meanwhile, at Sousturham Church.

Josie had been living with Caludia in Sousturham for the past two months, finding solace in the

tranquility. Despite her physical distance, she remained dedicated to her work in the studio. She
focused on her paintings and communicated with her employees to complete ongoing projects.

There was an unspoken agreement among them to keep her whereabouts secret, as they, too, were
unaware of her current location.

Laura persistently inquired, concerned about her safety.

Josie kept her reasons to herself, explaining that she needed time alone. Laura had no choice but to
respect her decision. “Take care of yourself. If you don’t want to come back here, that’s okay. I’ll be
here at the studio.”

Her words had a light–hearted tone, but Josie couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt towards Laura. She
knew that Laura was going through a difficult time too. Finding a balance was not an easy task. And so,
after two months, Josie packed her things and prepared to leave Sousturham.

Before she left, she said her goodbyes to the priest and Claudia, expressing her gratitude for their care.
In return, Claudia gave her a Bible as a farewell gift.

“Last time, I gave you a rosary. I’m giving you a Bible for your quiet moments with Him this time. Find
peace in everything you do. You’ve shown great devotion in your prayers these past few months, and
God. listens to you and will protect you,” Claudia said.

Josie’s nose tingled, “Really appreciate your kindness, Auntie.”

She paused momentarily, asking, “But are you sure you don’t want to leave with me? It’s been two
months. Don’t you want to go back home and see your family?”

Every time this topic came up, Claudia would wear a reserved expression. She shook her head and
replied, “I don’t need to worry about them. I’m staying back. But you, after spending so much time with
me. suddenly want to leave. I’m feeling heavy–hearted to see you go so soon.”

Josie shared the same feeling. She had never encountered such a nurturing elder before. Claudia had
taken care of her like a mother would. So, she looked at Claudia sincerely and said, “How I wish you
were my mother, Auntie

Claudia was taken aback, and her eyes welled up with tears.

Josie gave a bitter smile and said. “Sorry if I startled you with my sentiment. It’s just that I’ve never
really known a mother’s love, and I’ve always felt a connection with you.”

Claudia was about to respond when her phone suddenly rang, which she always carried along with her.
She glanced down, excused herself, and answered the call.

Josie waited for Claudia patiently, understanding that they needed to pause their conversation until she
finished the call knowing she had to leave soon.

There were certain people and situations that Josie had been avoiding. Still, she knew deep down that
she couldn’t avoid them forever.

Claudia’s phone call seemed to drag on, and when she finally hung up, she wore a troubled expression
mixed with a hint of anticipation. She smiled at Josie and said, “Remember you’ve just suggested we
leave Sousturham together? My daughter just called with an urgent matter that needs my attention.
Looks like we can travel together.”

Josie was taken aback but also thrilled, “Really? That’s great! Let’s go together.”

Claudia hadn’t heard from her daughter in two months, and now she was being called home. It seemed
an important matter that only someone like Claudia could handle as an elder.

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