That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 533

Deliberate Troubles

The courtyard of the Olsen Residence was abuzz with activity as guests dressed to the nines mingled,
raised their glasses, and immersed themselves in delightful conversations.

Subsequently, Summer made her entrance, accompanied by Mark and Claudia.

She was clad in an elegant sea blue gown, her hair elegantly swept up and adorned with a crown,
radiating a dazzling beauty befitting an actual princess. Her radiant charm and elevated status stirred
both envy and adoration among the guests.

With the candles extinguished on the extravagant three-tiered cake, Summer addressed the crowd,
saying, “Moving forward, I hope that each and every one of you will continue to support and be my ally
in this incredible journey in Wavery. Cheers!”

The audience erupted in a wave of applause, their excitement palpable.

“Oh, and by the way,” she added, “I have an important announcement in store. Please stay tuned.”

The guests were puzzled. Mark and Claudia exchanged glances and whispered to her, “Stop messing
around, Sum.”

“I’m not messing around. You’ll find out soon,” Summer flashed a peculiar smile, then looped her arm
through Mark’s.

“Dad, let’s go around and toast our guests.”

Mark furrowed his brow, reluctant but eventually resolved to join her. After all, making a toast was a
way to forge connections and a common practice in business settings.

Claudia remained in her spot, surveying the surroundings, and spotted a familiar figure approaching

“Good evening, Auntie Claudia. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other,” Arnold said, his smile lit
up his face.

“Arnold,” Claudia spoke gently, “glad to see you grace Sum’s birthday.”

“Don’t mention, Auntie. I gotta admit I haven’t been the best when it comes to proper etiquette recently.
I didn’t want to bother you during your time away in Sousturham. I hope you don’t mind that I haven’t
visited,” Arnold leaned casually against the railing, with one hand resting on it.

“Not at all. On the contrary, I want to thank you. It was because of you that Summer had the chance to
be in London a few years ago, Claudia expressed her gratitude.

“It’s my pleasure.” Arnold slipped his hand into his pocket and glanced at the woman skillfully
navigating the crowd. “Plus, it was Auntie’s special request, so naturally, I obliged.”

Claudia displayed a tinge of guilt and then inquired, “Have you encountered any other intriguing girls in
—recent years?”

The emphasis on the word ‘other’ was quite pronounced.

Arnold grinned, “Auntie, my feelings for Summer haven’t changed a bit.”

Claudia let out a sigh, “What a shame for her. I hope she’ll soon realize and reciprocate your sincerity

love for her.”

They then turned their gaze towards Summer, but suddenly, a commotion erupted.

Meanwhile, Caesar and Heather were among the guests at Summer’s birthday banquet. While pouring
wine for Summer, Heather accidentally spilled some on her dress. Startled, Summer flared up and
accused. “Ms. Riley, I know you did that on purpose!”

Caesar and Mark exchanged glances, momentarily taken aback and didn’t know how to react.

Heather promptly offered to clean it up, saying. Tm sorry, Ms. Olsen. It was an accident! I’ll make it up


“This dress was custom-made for me in Italy, with a month’s effort put into it. Can you really afford to
pay for it, Ms. Riley?” Summer’s expression turned displeased.

Heather glanced at Caesar, her eyes pleading for help, and the latter intervened to diffuse the situation,
“Ms. Olsen, I apologize for my assistant’s reckless behavior. I will compensate you for the dress after
the event concludes.”

“Do you think I care about the petty money?” Summer sneered. “It seems Mr. Perkins is quite fond of
your clumsy assistant.”

Some guests picked up her ambiguous insinuation, and whispers began to circulate.

Heather bowed her head, her face burning with abashment.

Summer didn’t yield but continued ridiculing. “And as far as I know, Mr. Perkins doesn’t earn much, do
you? Yet you seem unconcerned about compensating for my expensive dress on behalf of your
assistant. What’s the deal between you two?”

Mark’s expression gradually soured. He held Summer’s hand and suggested, “Let’s change your dress
first. We can discuss this later.”

Summer visibly calmed down after Mark intervened. She approached Heather and stated, “Ms. Riley, I.
don’t want your money. Instead, I’d like you to be a server, going around and serving drinks to my

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