That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 532

Birthday Banquet

Today was significant for Summer as it marked her birthday, symbolizing her rise within the Olsen

Since taking the reins, more and more people began to grasp the true importance of this young lady.

To honor her, a special feature titled ‘From Researcher to Heiress- The Summer Olsen’s Journey’ was
created, lavishing her with commends, as society loves witnessing capable socialites in action.

The Olsen family’s unconventional decision to place their daughter in charge of family affairs rather
than the eldest son stirred up a whirlwind of gossip and fascination. This public appearance was
Summer’s first since returning to the country. Mark spared no effort in organizing a grand celebration.

Guests had been streaming in since the afternoon, and the room was filled with gifts from high-ranking
officials and dignitaries.

However, truly meaningful celebrations for Summer’s birthday were few and far between.

Nearly every guest at the banquet tonight was engaging in social interactions solely driven by their
personal interests, and Summer was acutely aware of this fact.

“What time is it? Why hasn’t Dex arrived yet?”

Summer gathered her dress and walked toward the window, hoping to spot Dexter’s car pulling up
outside. Much to her disappointment, it was not in view

A vigilant servant looked up and informed her, “Ms. Olsen, Mr. Russell has left a gift for you.”

The servant hesitated to finish the sentence. Mr. Russell’s probably not coming.

Summer furrowed her brow, “What gift?”

The packaging was exquisite, revealing a valuable necklace, and to her, it was nothing extraordinary
for a typical birthday gift.

Summer’s anger surged as she examined the necklace, causing her to fling the gift onto the ground.
“Why on earth would I need a necklace?”

The servant dared not utter a word. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she spotted a potential savior, “Mrs.

Summer looked up and saw Claudia approaching with a glass of water. Still, she remained silent.

Claudia donned a petite Chanel-style jacket paired with an elegant skirt. She glanced at the discarded
necklace and stooped down to retrieve it. “Not fancy it? Let me unwrap another one for you.”

She casually unwrapped another gift, exclaiming, “Oh, check this out. It’s a Picasso painting. It’s totally
your style. Let’s see who sent it… Oh, it’s from Arnold. Man, as usual, Arnold is super generous to

This painting actually sold for a crazy amount at a Sotheby’s auction.

Arnold insisted it was a simple gift, showcasing his incredible generosity.

Summer glanced at it briefly and said, “Not really my thing. Even if Dex handed me a leaf, I would
appreciate it because it’s from him. But even if Arnold gave me an entire city, I still wouldn’t like it.”

Her preference was crystal clear.

Claudia shook her head and placed the artwork aside. “Hey, you gotta know. Having someone like
Arnold spoil you like this is not an everyday occurrence. You’re lucky and blessed, Summer. And

remember. Dexter is a married man now.”

Hearing this, Summer instantly felt a pang of injustice. “Mom, are you also trying to give me away to
Arnold, just like Dad?”

Claudia gave her shoulder a reassuring pat. “I hope you can live a life that is simple, uncomplicated,
and filled with happiness. I never intended for you to become the Olsen Group’s heir and carry the
Olsen family’s weight.”

Summer pursed her lips, feeling a hint of resistance. “I can handle it.”

Observing her reaction, Claudia refrained from saying anything further. She wasn’t fond of overly
festive occasions, but today was a significant day for Summer, so she had to be there.

“I haven’t seen your brother and sister-in-law since my return. Do you know where they are?”

Summer’s expression turned slightly peculiar. “How would I know? I’m going downstairs now, my
guests should have all arrived.”

“Eh… Claudia watched Summer walk away, and Mark’s voice reached her just then. “Alright. Enough
already. Just let her be.”

She turned around. “By the way, Zach and Laura, are they not home?”

Mark’s expression appeared somewhat secretive. He took her hand and said, “Young people have their
own matters to attend to. They’ll be back later. Let’s go downstairs. Don’t keep Summer and the guests

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