That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 536

Sneaking Into the Olsen Residence

Josie walked in, wearing a uniform several sizes too big for her.

“Hold on there!” the guard demanded, surprised to see delivery food at such a lavish event.

“Delivery,” Josie announced, her voice barely audible through her mask.

“Hand it over,” the guard said, glancing at the receipt on the paper bag without looking inside.

Josie’s heart was pounding so hard that she thought it would burst out of her chest. She had written
Arnold’s name as the buyer when she ordered the delivery food.

She knew that Arnold would definitely attend Summer’s birthday party.

The guard dialed the phone number written on the receipt.

Josie’s heart was in her throat as she clutched her phone. She was ready to make a break for it if the
guard didn’t let her in.

The guard eyed Josie suspiciously as the phone rang.

After a moment, Arnold answered the call. The guard’s tone changed to one of polite deference as he
said, “Mr. Carter, there’s a delivery for you. I’d like to confirm with you if it is yours.”

Josie squeezed her eyes shut and inhaled deeply.

“Alright, sure,” the guard responded, hanging up the phone and looking at Josie.

Her hands were sweating profusely as she waited for the guard’s response. “Why would I lie?” she
asserted calmly.

Josie was surprised when the guard nodded at her. “He’ll be here shortly. You can stay here and wait,”
he announced.

Sure enough, Arnold was there.

After a few moments, Arnold emerged from the crowd. He was dressed casually, in a youthful style. He
wore a sweater and jeans, and he also had a chain around his neck.

Arnold walked towards Josie and circled around her, his eyes twinkling with amusement as he sized
her up Josie kept her head down, her face hidden from view.

“Delivery?” Arnold asked with a smirk. “Pass it here.”

Josie handed him the paper bag and held onto his index finger with a firm grip. Her eyes grew soft as
she gazed up at him

Amold’s face broke into a wide grin, which looked especially bright under the streetlights

Amold told the guard, She’ll be coming in with me

The guard nodded Alright, Mr. Carter


Josie leis a sigh of def she followed Arnold closely As soon as she was our of the quand’s sight, she

ckly tick of the delivery man’s


Arnold paused and pulled down her mask. “Ms. Delivery Lady, you sure have some impressive tricks
up your sleeve,” he said amusedly, raising an eyebrow at her.

As soon as she raised her head, she saw Arnold opening the paper bag and taking out the container of
fruits. Without a second thought, he picked up his fork and ate the fruits.

Josie quickly stopped him. That’s enough!” she exclaimed.

Arnold glanced at her, a smirk playing on his lips. “You must really trust me to put my name on the bill,”
he responded.

She was at her wit’s end, and this was the only option left. Josie didn’t bother to explain herself as she
continued to pack her things. “Is Zach here today?”

Arnold stayed silent, his mouth full of mangoes. “No,” he mumbled.

Josie’s face clouded over. “What about Laura?” she asked.

She’s not here either,” Arnold said, his voice flat.

Five minutes passed, and Arnold finally understood Josie’s concerns. His face turned dark as a
thundercloud. “Wait here,” he said. “I’ll go around and find them.”

Josie grabbed his hands abruptly. “Don’t go by yourself,” she said. “It’s too dangerous. Let me go with

He took her around the corners of the residence and passed by the garden where everyone was
gathered. Josie kept her head down the whole time to avoid attracting attention. Suddenly, they heard
someone call out, “Arnold.”

They stood frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do next.

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