That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 539

Couldn’t Leave

She followed the sound of the voice with urgency, and she saw a woman in the corner of the basement.
“Laura!” Josie shouted as she sped towards her.

Josie knelt down to see how she was doing.

Hopelessness etched on her face as if the world had crumbled upon her.

As soon as she saw Josie, her eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. “Josie,” she whimpered.

Josie could feel her tears welling up as she looked at Laura’s back. Laura’s clothes were torn, and her
bare skin was covered in red marks.

The crisscross of bloody marks was a testament to the brutal beatings she had suffered.

Josie was frozen in place, and her eyes brimmed with tears. “Laura…

Arnold’s forehead wrinkled in disgust at the ghastly sight. “Zach must be crazy!”

As he looked around, he saw an array of weapons used to abuse her. Arnold felt a shiver run down his
spine as he saw some of them stained with blood.

Josie tried to lift Laura up. “Let’s go. I’ll take you out of here. We’ll go see a doctor. You’ll get better,

Laura said breathlessly, “I can’t leave now.”

“Why not?”

“It’s Summer’s birthday today. Zach wouldn’t let you get away with taking me out of here.”

Josie looked at Arnold, her eyes filled with worry: “What do we do now?” she asked.

Arnold nodded. “There are a lot of people outside, including reporters. She can’t go out now,” he
responded, taking out his phone. T’ll get someone here Just wait a bit.”

Josie hugged Laura tightly, but her body was still shivering. She couldn’t warm her up no matter how
close she held her.

After ten minutes, Arnold looked at them. “I called Andy to get a doctor in here. They’ll be coming in
disguise. They mustn’t get caught.”

Josie was surprised by his plans. “So you mean Laura can’t leave this place?” she blurted, her voice


“Zach could come in here at any time. We can’t take her out of here today.”

Laura held onto Josie’s sleeve as she nodded in assent to Arnold’s suggestion. “He’s right. I can’t leave
today,” she muttered, her breath growing thin.

Arnold’s plan was the only one that seemed feasible at the moment.

Andy was exceptionally efficient. He had the doctor disguise themselves as an employee of the Carter
Group and arrive at the hidden basement.

However, it was difficult to ignore Arnold’s atypical behavior.

“Mr. Russell, Arnold seems to be up to something,” Larry said, his eyes tracking Arnold’s secretary,
Andy, as he rushed into the Olsen residence.

Dexter looked at him and ordered, “Have someone keep an eye on him.”

“What about us?”

“We’ll stay put.”

In the hidden basement, the doctor carefully took the medical supplies from his bag and said, “Ms.
Brandel, I can’t administer anesthesia under these conditions. I’ll need you to bear with the pain.”

She almost passed out from the excruciating pain when he placed the gauze pad soaked in antiseptic
on her skin.

Josie couldn’t bear watching her in pain. She turned around and quickly wiped away her tears.

Arnold stared at her, letting out a big sigh. He lifted his hands but paused midway. Eventually, he patted
her on the shoulders to comfort her.

Josie swore under her breath, “He’s a f*cking monster!”

Andy felt his pulse throbbing in his ears as he muttered, “Mr. Carter, we can’t stay here any longer.
We’ll be in deep trouble if someone finds out about this.”

Arnold lowered his head and told Josie. We must get out of here. Come with me.

“I can’t leave,” she said with resolve. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Laura here to suffer

“You’re putting yourself in danger by staying here,” he responded, his voice booming with anger. sees
you here and starts hitting you, no one could save you!”

“If Zach

Josie was taken aback by the change in his tone. I’m worried about Laura,” she quavered, her body
trembling in fear.

Tll try to set an appointment with Zach tomorrow and ask Claudia to help get Laura out of here, Arnold
said reassuringly, trying to put Josie at ease.

“Will it work?” she asked, her hands fidgeting nervously.

“Trust me,” he said firmly, his eyes meeting hers with confidence.

He had assured her that she could always trust him.

Josie took a deep breath, trying to clear her head off the jumble of thoughts racing through it. She
waited for the doctor to treat Laura’s wounds, and she wouldn’t leave until she knew that Laura’s
injuries wouldn’t get infected

Before leaving, she held Laura’s hand tightly and vowed, “We’ll meet outside.”“

Laura nodded, her lips pale and her eyes filled with tears.

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