That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 535

Laura in Danger

Summer flounced off to change, leaving Dexter and Claudia alone. Claudia smiled at Dexter and said,
“Thank you for taking care of Summer. She can be quite a handful.”

Dexter understood what she was implying behind her words. He knew why she had avoided him all
these years.

“It’s part of my responsibility,” Dexter said simply.

Arnold had been listening to their conversation the whole time. He finally spoke up, his smile dripping
with sarcasm. “I never knew you were so protective, Dex.”

Dexter raised his eyebrows in derision. “Of course, I had to protect her,” he said firmly, his voice rising.
“She’s my responsibility. D

Dexter smoothly changed the subject, effectively cutting Arnold off.

Arnold’s lips tightened into a thin line, and he remained silent.

Dexter raised his glass in a toast to Arnold. “Congratulations on your new project,” he said in a


Arnold’s lips curled into a smirk. “You must have your sources,” Arnold said as he leveled his gaze at

“It’ll only get more efficient, Dexter responded, taking a large gulp of wine.

It was ten at night, and Josie was fast asleep.

Josie had a regular sleep schedule.

Josie was jolted awake by her phone ringing. She furrowed her brow as she answered the phone. It


With her palms plastered on her forehead, Josie pinched her eyebrows when she finally registered
Laura’s name on the screen of her phone. It was late at night, and Laura only called her this late if
there was a problem at work. She answered the call with a worried sigh.

Her stomach churned with dread and anxiety when she heard Laura’s crying on the other end of the

Laura was sobbing so hard that she could barely speak.

Josie sat up in bed, her eyes wide with alarm. “Laura?!”

“Josie, I’m so scared, Laura quavered, her voice breaking.

“Laura, calm down,” Josie responded, her voice firm. “Where are you right now?” She swept her hair
out of her face and asked in a frantic tone. ‘Give me the address. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Don’t

Laura’s mind was in disarray, and her clothes were stained with tear marks.

Josie’s heart sank as she listened to Laura’s tearful cries. She quickly got out of bed, changed her
clothes, and left her house in her bedroom slippers. She was determined to find Laura and help her.

As Josie was trying to get a sense of Laura’s situation, Laura said out of the blue. “Josie, you don’t
have to find me. I’ll be fine


Mon, Aug

Chapter 535 Laura in Danger

Josie stopped in her tracks, her anger rising. “Where are you right now? Do you want to die?”

The air was thick with tension. All Josie could hear was Laura’s panicked breathing.

“You’re at the Olsen’s residence, aren’t you?” Josie was sure of it.

Josie took Laura’s silence as a sign of agreement and darted downstairs in her slippers. “I’ll be there

she announced.

“Don’t come here,” a faint and raspy voice said through the phone. “It’s Summer’s birthday today.”

Josie’s footsteps came to a halt. After a moment, she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of this,”

She hung up the call and booked a taxi on her phone. Later, she browsed the web and saw several
photos from Summer’s birthday party that had been posted online.

“The Olsen residence?” the cab driver asked, surprised.

Josie clutched her phone tightly. “Yes,” she answered.

The taxi Josie hailed looked out of place in the opulent villa. The sound of music and conversation
wafted from within as if another world lay beyond the gates,

After paying the taxi fare, Josie felt a pang of regret as she looked down at her slippers.

At that very instant, a delivery man in uniform arrived at the villa. Josie stopped him in his tracks. “Hi,
those are mine.”

The delivery man handed her the items and was about to leave when she called out to him. “Hey, can
you sell me your uniform?”

I’ll pay you three times the price.”

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