That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 542

Revealing Mrs Russell

Summer knew Josie was trapped.

The people around them started to buzz with gossip. “There’s a thief…”

“What a disgrace….

“How dare she steal Summer’s item..”

Every word they said felt like a weight crushing her chest. She couldn’t look at Dexter, whose eyes
were full of longing.

A crowd of people started to form, drawn to the commotion. Claudia and Mark finally showed up,
having been alerted to the situation. Their brows furrowed as they took in the scene before them.

“It’s certainly interesting to catch a thief on her birthday.” Zach was ready to leave his seat when Arnold
stopped him. His voice was even and controlled as he inquired, “Why are you so eager to leave? Do
you have something important to attend to?”

Zach drew his eyebrows together into a tight knot as he stood frozen in his tracks.

The cap belonged to Arnold, and Summer just happened to notice the flower that was drawn behind it.

As the reporters raised their cameras, Josie finally spoke up. “Ms. Olsen, I didn’t steal your cap,” she

“Why are you trying to deny it when the evidence is clear as day?” Summer chuckled indifferently. “If
you didn’t steal it, show me your invitation. Do you even have one? What are you doing here dressed
like that?”

Her eyes fell on Andy, who was left dumbfounded, unable to utter a single word in Josie’s defense.

A calm and firm voice rang out, “She came to find me. The gossip and chatter surrounding them quickly
came to a pause as everyone stood still, stunned to hear Dexter speak out.

Josie’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked up at the man before her.

Unwilling to accept the absurdity of his intervention, Summer grabbed the cuff of his shirt, trying to
signal him to stop.

Dexter ignored her. He marched over to Josie and announced, “She came here to find me. Is there a
problem with that?”

Everyone’s mouths dropped open in shock. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Even Claudia and Mark exchanged curious glances. They were startled by the scene that was
unfolding before them.

Arnold gripped Zach’s hand tightly, with his veins popping from his neck. His eyes were blazing red with



Josie was also surprised, and her heart started to race. She stared at Dexter, whose face was sharp
and chiseled, his presence commanding everyone’s attention.

“I gave this cap to Josie just now. She didn’t steal it.” Dexter explained in a calm and collected manner,
his deep voice resonating through the crowd. “If you’re not going to drop this, you can find me. I’ll pay
you ten times the price of this cap as compensation.”

Summer stood frozen on the spot, her face ashen pale with shock.

The people in the crowd started to murmur quietly. The incident of the stolen cap was just a pretext for
Summer to lash out at Josie.

However, everyone was still amazed that Dexter would stand up for her.

This was the first time Dexter had publicly defended a woman in front of such a large crowd.

Who is she?

The crowd’s eyes were all on Josic, sizing her up.

“Why are you doing this… Summer mumbled, her voice trembling.

Summer had only challenged Josie because she was sure Dexter wouldn’t stand up for her in front of
the media. But she hadn’t anticipated that he would go against her words to defend Josie’s honor.

He must be crazy. Does he know what this represents?

Dexter held Josie’s hand and raised her hands before the crowd. He spoke slowly and deliberately, his
voice firm. “I don’t think it’s inappropriate for me to bring my wife to an event, do you?”

The crowd erupted into a frenzy.

The sound of camera shutters clicking nonstop filled the air, as everyone present was eager to capture


Who would have thought that she was Dexter’s wife?

Many guests knew Dexter was married but had no idea who his wife was. To their surprise, Dexter
revealed her identity at Summer’s birthday party.

This news was sure to make headlines the next day.

Josie felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she struggled to process what was happening. She
couldn’t believe he would take that opportune moment to reveal the nature of their relationship.

She tried to free her hands from his, but Dexter gripped them tighter. His eyes reflected a determined
glint as he looked into hers. “You can rely on me from now on, he firmly reassured.

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