That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 534

Had Dexter Rushed Into His Previous Marriage?

Heather’s humiliation was palpable. Her ears burned as she felt the disdainful stares of the crowd bore


Caesar’s jaw tightened, muscles twitching as he tried to contain his anger. “Ms. Riley,” he said, his
voice tight with barely suppressed rage. “You should make up for your mistake by following Ms. Olsen’s

Heather bit her lip so hard that she tasted blood. “I will,” she responded, her voice barely above a

Heather raised the bottle of wine and approached the crowd. “More wine?” she asked, her voice small
and uncertain.

“Excuse me, sir,” she called to the passersby, her voice trembling. “Would you like more wine?”


An uncomfortable silence hung in the air, broken only by Summer’s smirk as she watched the scene

“This is nonsense!” Claudia said, wanting to offer her help to the young lady, but Arnold held her back.

She lifted her head as a Mercedes Benz pulled up to the Olsens’ house. The driver got out and opened
the door for a man in a black suit. He had a calm air of confidence that stood out in the crowd.

“Dex!” Summer exclaimed excitedly, holding onto the dress as she sprinted towards him. “What
happened to your dress?”

Summer stood frozen, her smirk fading as she recalled what had happened earlier.

Dexter scanned the crowd, his gaze falling on Heather, whose face was pale. His eyebrows raised at
the realization of what had happened before he arrived.

“Why are you making such a big deal out of a small mistake like this?” Dexter teased, grabbing her
hands and leading her into the Olsens’ residence.

Summer’s lips spread into a wide grin as she stared at their interlocked hands. Although Dexter didn’t
think much of it, it made her heart swell. “Dex, it’s my birthday today,” she said sweetly. “Couldn’t you
spare me the embarrassment?”

He immediately let go of her hands when they arrived before Heather. “You’ll have to face the
consequences for ruining Ms. Olsen’s dress,” he announced. “Apologize to Ms. Olsen, and we’ll let you
off the hook.”

Summer’s words were caught in her throat as she tried to process Dexter’s behavior. “Dex…”

Heather’s eyes darted up to Dexter’s, then skittered away to Summer’s. “Ms. Olsen, I’m so sorry,” she
quavered. “It wasn’t intentional, I promise.”

Summer’s eyes flicked to the crowd, then back to Heather. She knew she couldn’t make a scene.
“Alright, you can go now,” she concluded.

Heather shot Dexter a grateful look before disappearing into the crowd.

Summer turned her attention to Dexter. “What took you so long? I was starting to think you weren’t
coming,” she continued, her voice dripping with honey.

Dexter’s jaw clenched at her kind and sweet façade, but he kept his cool. “I wouldn’t miss your birthday.
I heard Aunt Claudia has come back,” Dexter said, changing the subject. “I should go find her.”

Dexter had only come to the party because he’d gotten a call from his secretary saying that Heather
was in trouble.

Dexter’s face twisted into a sneer, but he knew he had to help Heather. “Fine,” he uttered. “Take me to

Dexter’s conscience weighed heavily on him due to the incident in the United Kingdom. He knew he
had to make it up to Heather and get it over as soon as possible.

His only reason for coming to the Olsen residence was to help Heather.

The sight of Summer and Dexter together sparked a flurry of gossip and speculation. Everyone
wondered if Dexter had rushed into his previous marriage and if he was having an affair with Summer.

Dexter and Summer’s body language was very suggestive.

Claudia knew Dexter didn’t come to the party because of her daughter. He was there for someone else.

They had not seen each other in a long time. Claudia had deliberately avoided him in the past as she
would be reminded of the painful past that was too hard to bear.

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