That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 548

You’re Quite the Gangster, Aren’t You?

Josie’s eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. She yelled at the top of her lungs, “Help me! I don’t know this
man! Please help me!”

Dexter’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Dexter was caught off guard as the police officers arrived and cuffed his hands together before he
could speak..

Josie felt a sense of relief wash over her as she fell to the ground, her arms hitting the pavement with a
dull thud.

“What are you doing to this woman?*

Dexter had never been restrained in this way before. If it hadn’t been for the unexpected attack, the
police wouldn’t have been able to take him down. He gritted his teeth and glared at the officers. “Let me
go if you want to live!”

The police officers were unmoved by Dexter’s threats. They increased the pressure on him, warning.
“You’re quite the gangster, aren’t you? For someone with such distinguished charisma, you have a
terrible character.

“Miss, can you tell us what happened?”

Josie rubbed her hands, which were sore from hitting the ground. This was the only chance she had to
escape from Dexter. Her words lingered on her lips, but she held her tongue when she met his blazing


The crowd was dispersed by the police officers. The incident would be a hot topic on social media if
their pictures circulated online.

“Miss, can you tell us your relationship with this man?” the police officers asked.

Josie regained her senses and stuttered out a response. “I don’t know him.”

Dexter’s eyes were icy cold, like two shards of glass. They pierced her soul, and she could tell he was
thinking about the absurdity of the situation they were in.

The police officers tightened their grip on Dexter as they heard her response. “How dare you kidnap a
woman?” one of them asked. “I’m sure the car must be stolen too. You can explain yourself to the
detectives later.”

Dexter’s face turned grim. He had an affluent background and held a powerful standing in society. He
was used to being treated with respect, but now he was treated like a common criminal.

Dexter swore under his breath. “Fools,” he muttered to himself.

The police officers ears perked up. “What did you just say?” one of them yelled.

I said that you’re both fools, Dexter snarled

“You bastard”

Dexter’s charisma was overwhelmung His piercing gaze and deep, profound features made Josie’s
anxiety skyrocket She staggered backward, ready to run for it before he could catch her again.

You’re Quite the Gangster, Aren’t You?

Once the detectives were on the scene, it would take them a while to interrogate Dexter. If she left now,
he wouldn’t be able to find her. Even if he did, tracking her down would take him a few days.

Like a predator eyeing his prey, Gareth narrowed his vision onto Josie and saw her nervously backing
away. Within a split second, he kicked the police officers with such force that they staggered away.

Josie was rooted to the spot. She was worried about the two police officers. If Dexter got revenge, he
wouldn’t hesitate to hurt their families.

Josie was not as cold-blooded as Dexter. She stood frozen in place, her heart hammering in her chest
as she watched the police officers and Dexter fight.

The police officers were not about to let Dexter get away with his crimes. They immediately started to
fight back, but Dexter was able to overpower them and pin them to the ground.

They were convinced that Dexter was a kidnapper. He was too skilled a fighter to be anything else.

The police officers looked at each other, and their eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Dexter broke free from the police officers’ grip with a single tug. His eyes were fixed on Josie as he
walked towards her, his gaze unwavering.

As always, Dexter’s eyes were like lasers, boring into her soul.

The detective’s car was almost there, and Josie’s breath came in short gasps. Her collar bones were
visible, and her eyes were wide with fear as she stared at the man approaching her.

One of the police officers raised his baton and swung it across Dexter’s back with a powerful blow.
Dexter groaned in pain, and Josie’s heart sank as she saw his veins popping out of his neck.

The detectives came over to restrain Dexter. “Is this the man who tried to kidnap you?” one of them

Dexter raised his head, his eyes narrowed.

Dexter’s eyes were locked on Josie, and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She quickly turned her
head. away from him.

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