That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 549

Marriage Certificate

The detectives escorted Dexter back to the police station for interrogation, and Josie had to go along.
“We just need a brief statement from you. Don’t worry, and it won’t take long.”

The police were incredibly considerate and gentle with the victim.

Dexter raised his eyebrows and sneered. “Why are you being so biased?” he asked the detective.

The detective’s face was set in a stern’expression as he glared at Dexter. “Do you think I should treat
you respectfully?” he scoffed.

Dexter had never felt so disrespected before.

Josie squeezed her eyes shut. She started to regret her split-second decision to accuse him in front of
the police. She had only gotten herself into deeper waters by messing with him.

Dexter had controlled his anger and looked surprisingly calm. He looked into her eyes with a
determined. gaze. They both knew these people were no match for him and wouldn’t dare to lay a
finger on him once they discovered his true identity.

He won’t be the one coming out on the losing end by the end of the day.

The baton was swung with such power that it left a lasting ache in his back, making it hard for him to
stand up.

Josie and Dexter were cramped together in the back seat of the police car. They occasionally brushed
shoulders as the car bumped along, but Josie kept her head down and didn’t want to deal with him.

“Just wait and see.”

His voice dropped an octave, and he spoke each word with deliberate clarity, emphasizing the gravity
of his words. Josie’s stomach churned at the thought of what was in store, knowing Dexter wouldn’t let
them off the hook.

She then lifted her head. “Enough, Dexter. Don’t touch them.”

Dexter chuckled menacingly. “Why didn’t you feel sorry for them when you screamed earlier?”

The people trying to put him behind bars would never have thought that they were about to be at the
mercy of the person they had apprehended.

Josie ignored him, as there was no way for them to communicate effectively.

“So, tell me, are you the human trafficker who was trying to kidnap a woman in broad daylight?” The
detective at the police station interrogated Dexter.

Dexter scoffed. “How is this kidnapping? She’s my wife. We had a minor disagreement, but your people
had to interfere. You can ask her yourself.”

The group of detectives looked at Josie expectantly. “Is be your husband? You can tell us the truth.
Don’t worry about him getting back at you”

Josie’s scalp prickled. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Dexter.

Before she could say a word, Dexter threw their marriage certificate on the table. “See for yourself,” he

in a low, demanding voice.

Josie’s eyes widened in shock. Why did he have a marriage certificate with him?

The officer compared the names on the certificate to their identity cards. He stared at their pictures and
then looked up at them. After confirming that everything matched, he asked Josie with an arched
eyebrow, “Why did you call for help then?”

Josie chewed on her bottom lip, her hand plastered on the temple of her head. She felt humiliated and

quickly apologized, “I’m so sorry for causing this much trouble for you.”

This situation left the police officers speechless. Their faces were filled with a mixture of confusion and
frustration as they inquired again, “Are you being abused? You looked terrified of him just now.”

“It certainly looked like it.”

Dexter crossed his arms in front of him, his eyes narrowing with annoyance. Josie quickly apologized to
them, afraid that their words would set Dexter off.

His eyes darkened even further when he saw her apologizing profusely. “You’re amazing.” he
commented sarcastically under his breath.

Larry arrived at the police station moments later. He knew the rules-they couldn’t know that he was the
CEO of the Russell Group. However, things would be different as soon as they left the police station.

“You’re Dexter Russell, the CEO of the Russell Group?

“Do you need me to prove who I am?”

The detectives apologized profusely and offered to take him to the hospital to treat his wounds.

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