That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 546

Cracking the Passcode.

Dexter’s face scrunched up in a look of consternation.

She spent half an hour explaining everything to him. “It’s daytime now, and I don’t know if Laura
escaped. I would feel terrible if something happened to her last night.”

Dexter finally realized why Josie was so on edge. He handed her the phone. “Go ahead and ask.”

Josie couldn’t fathom how at ease he seemed. “I’ll… be calling Arnold…”

He nodded in assent.

She quickly snatched the phone from his hands and dialed Arnold’s number. “Josie! Are you okay?!”

Josie turned away to answer Arnold’s call, worried about how Dexter would react. “I’m fine. Did Laura
manage to escape?”

“I’ve already told Claudia. She’s going to help us get Laura out of there today.”

Josie breathed a sigh of relief when she heard what Arnold had to say.

“You must let me know as soon as she’s out.”

Before they hung up, Arnold asked, his voice indicating his concern, “Are you really okay?

A shadow cast over Dexter’s features the longer the call continued.

Josie had no choice but to end the call when she saw Dexter staring at her intently.

Josie was still upset with Dexter and refused to speak to him. However, he had his subordinates
prepare a new set of branded clothes for her without her knowledge.

Josie saw the array of branded clothes laid out for her and smiled wryly. “Am I going to a fashion
show?” she scoffed.

In addition, Dexter had a doctor come to look at Josie’s injury.

After the doctor had completed a series of examinations, Dexter followed up with him. “Make sure she
doesn’t suffer any after–effects from the accident!” he demanded.

“The injury is not serious,” the doctor assured Dexter. With proper rest, she will make a full recovery“-

Josie had enough. Clicking her tongue, she demanded, “Dexter, why are you keeping me here?”
Directing her frustrations at him, she continued, “Are you trying to make amends for what you did?
What’s the point of all this?”

Dexter could put up a front of being patient if the situation called for it.

He didn’t answer her questions, and Josie stomped her legs indignantly like a child experiencing a
temper tantrum. She was upset and annoyed by his behavior.

Dexter secretly took satisfaction in the fact that he could get Josie riled up.

Dexter was happy with the way things were. He was content as long as he could be with Josie.


Josie finally understood that her outburst did not serve any purpose and only fueled Dexter’s
satisfaction. She decided to try a different approach. “If you want to make up with me,” she said finally,
“could you help Arnold get Laura out of the hidden basement?”

Dexter’s eyebrows shot up. “I had my people on their way the moment you hung up,” he responded.

Josie was surprised by his unexpected behavior.

However, he still wouldn’t let her go. He must be afraid of losing her again.

A sense of dread continued to plague Josie. She couldn’t reach anyone to find out about Laura’s

Dexter finally left in the afternoon for a business meeting. The door was locked from the outside.

There must also be guards posted outside.

Josie’s hand started to sweat as she stared at the lock in front of her. She knew this was her only
chance to


She only had three chances to enter the passcode. She had to think carefully before trying any of them.
She tried Dexter’s birthday, but it didn’t work.

Josie maintained her composure. There was no way Dexter would use her birthday as the passcode.

She paced around the room, and then a thought occurred to her. She was frustrated with herself for
being so foolish.

If she got it wrong, she would have one more opportunity to get the passcode right.

Josie scurried around the bedroom, her anxiety–stricken face reflected in the doorknob as she keyed in
the passcode.


The door unlocked.

Josie was stunned, unable to believe she had guessed the passcode correctly.

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest.

After composing herself, she slowly opened the door and saw that no one was around.

Was Dexter so sure that she wouldn’t guess the passcode?

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