That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 545

Who Would Understand Me?

The black suit he was wearing accentuated his intimidating aura. He suddenly pulled out a first aid kit
and held Josie’s leg to check on her leg injury.

It was recovering well.

He tenderly applied the ointment to her wounds and declared, “I’m not getting married to Summer. Not

now, not ever.”

Josie didn’t say anything in response to his statement.

Dexter was unusually gentle as he treated her wounds. “Thank you for helping me when the Russell
Group was in trouble, Jo. I owe you,” he enunciated sincerely.

As expected, he knew what she had done for him.

Dexter waited for Josie’s response. His heartstrings tugged when she didn’t say anything.

“I never had feelings for Summer,” Dexter added earnestly, his voice steady. “The only reason I kept my
distance from you was to protect you. I had no other choice.”

Josie would have understood and forgiven him if it had been in the past. But she was on the verge of
death and was deeply hurt by someone she loved, so she didn’t know how to react anymore.

“I know,” she mumbled, moving her leg away.

“You know?” Dexter asked, his eyes widening.

Josie could finally look into the eyes of the man she hadn’t seen in months. “Mr. Russell always has his
reasons. What else could I do other than to forgive and move on?”

Dexter’s eyes narrowed, and his nostrils flared. He didn’t like it when she was sarcastic with him.

“Are you upset about the divorce agreement? Xanthe was the one who drew it up. It’s not legally

Josie was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. She tried to get out of bed but froze when she
met Dexter’s stern gaze.

She was fuming with frustration as she rubbed her temples. “All this time, I’ve had to interpret your
actions for myself. You’ve never tried to explain any of your actions. Do I mean anything to you?”

“Our marriage was never fair from the start. It was a business deal. But Dexter, you should know I
married you because I loved you and hoped you would love me back. Even now, I like you yery much,
but I’m afraid of you.”

His world was too complicated for her to comprehend.

-Dexter stared at her, his eyes grave with suppressed rage and vulnerability.

Josie locked eyes with him. “I’ve always been there for you, trying to understand your perspective. But
what about me? Who would try to understand mine?”

She was about to get off the bed when Dexter grabbed her wrist. “I’ll understand you from now on,” he


Josie had no energy left to deal with him.

Dexter gripped her arms like a vice, refusing to let her go. In the darkness of the room, he pleaded,
“Josie, you can hate me, but please give me a chance to make it up to you.”

He took her phone, leaving her without a way to contact anyone.

Dexter’s stubbornness was driving her insane. Without her phone, she couldn’t reach out to Arnold to

check on Laura.

Dexter was glued to her side, never letting her out of his sight.

Josie felt a sense of dread settle in her stomach as she was under Dexter’s watchful eye. Even though
she tried to ignore him, he was still willing to put up with her. She tried to escape in the middle of the
night but was met with his cold stare from the shadows. His slight cough gave her a startle,

She would lose her mind if he didn’t set her free.

“I need my phone to let them know I’m okay.”

“Who are you trying to reach?”

She couldn’t let him know that she wanted to call Arnold.

“Don’t you know why I went to the Olsen Residence?”

Josie finally gave in and told him the truth.

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