That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 557

No One Move

“That’s the plan. I hope that my wife’s studio will make a name for itself nationwide within six months
and even beat the Russells,” said Dexter.

Ms. Warner’s eyes widened in astonishment as she witnessed the ambition radiating from Dexter’s
calm and composed demeanor. The audacity of his aspirations left her genuinely shocked.

Even Josie, who initially resisted these ideas, had to reluctantly admit the efficiency of Dexter’s plan.
His strategic vision and determination made it clear that with his execution, becoming an industry
leader was only a matter of time.

Ms. Warner took a moment to comprehend Dexter’s intention. She felt flattered and expressed her
admiration, “After listening to your words today, I admire you greatly. Truly, talented individuals are
remarkable no matter where they are.”

Dexter heard her words, but his gaze remained on Josie. With a playful smile, he replied. “Because my
wife has excellent taste in man.”

Not waiting for Ms. Warner’s response, Dexter got straight to the point, “I know your team has always
wanted to expand in your field. The Russell Group can support you without any financial obligations.
The condition is that you must contribute to the success of my wife’s studio.”

The temptation was immense. As a businessman, Dexter was willing to make a significant investment
for the sake of his beloved. He knew he was sacrificing potential profits for love.

Ms. Warner nodded enthusiastically, moved by Dexter’s sincerity. She replied, “Mr. Russell, your
sincerity is undeniable, and I have no reason to refuse. Rest assured. I will make the necessary
arrangements immediately.”

After a brief pause, Ms. Warner turned her attention to Josie, who had remained silent throughout the
discussion. She added, “However… we will need Mrs. Russell to provide us with the studio’s
information. This will help us understand the direction in which to operate effectively.”

Dexter could make all the other decisions, but Josie had the final say in sharing the studio’s

At that moment, Josie finally lifted her head and gazed at Dexter with a hint of provocation as if to say,
“You talk so much-why don’t you say it?”

Dexter remained unfazed by Josie’s provocative gaze; instead, he smiled faintly. He liked it when she
acted vivid and lively.

Josie stood up and disregarded all the plans Dexter had meticulously prepared. She asserted, “This
studio belongs to Laura and me. Without our authorization, no one can interfere with it.”

After making her statement, Josie didn’t even glance to see Dexter’s reaction when she walked out of


Ms. Warner stood frozen in place, feeling somewhat awkward and unsure of how to proceed.

Remaining composed, Dexter rose from his seat and calmly said, “Carry on with the plans. I will send
you the necessary details later.”

With that, Dexter left the lounge, leaving Ms. Warner to contemplate the unexpected turn of events.
Confident in his determination, Dexter believed that Josie would ultimately come to an agreement.

Josie walked quickly, but she knew no matter where she went, Dexter was certain to catch up, aided by
the convenience of having a car at his disposal.

As Dexter trailed behind, two bicycles passed by on the roadside, Riding their bikes was a group of
high school students still dressed in their uniforms, making their way to school. The boy slowed down
and held an umbrella to shield the girl beside him from the sun.

The sound of their laughter filled the air, carrying a sense of carefree innocence and freedom from


Josie watched their figures gradually fade into the distance, and a sudden rush of memories from long
ago flooded her mind.

She averted her gaze and turned back, her voice firm, I don’t need you to worry about my affairs.

Dexter chuckled softly, “Ever since you became a hot topic, your information has been widely exposed.
People know you’re a talented designer and that you’ve even won the Interior Design Award. Soon,
there will be those who try to flatter you because of me. Instead of waiting for them to approach you, I’d
rather take charge of the situation myself.”

Despite his injuries, Dexter stood tall, exuding confidence and pride.

Josic listened attentively, her brows slightly furrowed.

He reached for a cigarette, tapped the box, and pulled one out, but after a moment of consideration, he
decided against lighting it and placed it back in place.

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