That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 560

Apology and Redemption

Josie’s voice sounded muffled and distant, yet Dexter managed to hear it. He reached out and grabbed
her wrist, his body temperature almost scorching her skin.

His grip was strong despite his weakened state.

Feeling the pain from his firm grasp, Josie furrowed her brows as she stubbornly placed a pill by his
lips and handed him water. But he didn’t open his mouth, causing the water to spill over.

Covered in sweat, Josie called, “Dexter, Dexter?”

The pill melted in Dexter’s mouth, its bitterness perhaps unnoticed amidst his condition.

Josie couldn’t do anything else but observe that he didn’t spit it out. Deciding to withhold the water, she
silently resolved to let him endure the discomfort.

With that in mind, she gently laid him back down and prepared to leave. However, her wrist was firmly
grasped, and she found herself pulled into Dexter’s embrace.

In a hoarse voice, he whispered into her ear, “Stay with me.”

The warm touch reached Josie’s skin through their clothes, causing her to furrow her brows in

He remained with his eyes closed throughout, yet he relied on his senses alone to recognize her
presence, tightening his grip even more.

He whispered breathlessly, “Stay with me and sleep for a while, just a little while.”

Josie’s back stiffened, and she didn’t dare moye a muscle. She listened to his gradually calming

As Dexter gradually drifted into sleep, Josie found it difficult to find her own comfort from his powerful
grip. She used all her strength to adjust to a slightly more comfortable position.

Raising her gaze, she found herself face-to-face with Dexter.

He looked peaceful while sleeping, utterly different from his usual imposing and cold demeanor. He
even appeared somewhat cute.

His eyelashes trembled slightly, his lips tightly pressed together as if he didn’t sleep soundly.

They were so close that Josie could see the hint of stubble on his chin, which would be prickly to touch.

Lost in her thoughts, she continued to gaze at him.

After Dexter had received an injection and taken medicine, he began to sweat. After some time had
passed, Josie touched him and found that his fever had subsided.

Taking the opportunity of his deep sleep, she got up and fetched a towel. She dampened it with water
and wiped away the sweat from his body.

While waiting for him to wake up, she sat on the windowsill, and her attention was momentarily drawn
to a folder placed next to his computer. The label on the folder read, “Blank.”

Josie’s heart skipped a beat as she glanced at the folder labeled with the name of the studio.

Before she knew it, her fingertips had instinctively opened the file. Inside, she found planning proposals
for the studio, filled with densely packed words and concepts.

Dozens of pages, with his handwritten annotations in places that required attention or improvement.

Josie went through each page, then looked back at Dexter lying on the bed, her mind lost in her

Dexter, the CEO of the Russell Group, who handled billion-dollar deals daily, had dedicated his
precious. time and expertise to work on the planning for her studio.

The things Dexter had created over the years were always highly sought after in the market.

Josie lowered her gaze and couldn’t help but smile.

She had never mentioned anything about the studio to Dexter, yet he accurately grasped her ideas and
concepts for the studio.

As she reached the last page of the file, Josie’s eyes fixated on a line written by Dexter in the blank

‘I want to apologize to her. It was my negligence that ruined her many expectations. I don’t know how to

Dexter’s handwriting had always seemed rather messy, and his signature was done with just a few

But when he wrote seriously, his handwriting was exquisite.

In that line which he wrote, each character he wrote carries a sense of regret.

Josie couldn’t help but admit that Dexter’s ability to scheme surpassed anyone else’s. He seemed to
accurately anticipate her thoughts and even expected her to come across the file.

As he had planned, Josie finally believed that this time, Dexter’s actions all these while were made
sincerely to apologize and seek redemption.

She closed the file slowly; the words echoed in her mind, affirming the truth of the statement: When
you’re young, encountering someone too astonishing can be overwhelming.

Indeed, that sentence held a profound truth.

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