That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 547


Josie entered the VIP elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. Her heart sank as the
elevator descended, and her inner alarms started to blare.

Her cheeks burned red as her heart pounded in her chest.

The passcode she entered was the date of their wedding anniversary.

When the elevator door opened, Josić stepped into the hotel’s luxurious lobby. The lobby was adorned
with marble flooring.

She took a deep breath and stepped out, trying to look like she belonged there.

Josie didn’t expect to see Dexter at the cafe next to the lobby. As she was about to walk through the
entrance, their eyes met.

His eyes turned cold as he saw Josie trying to flee. He rose to his feet and called out to her, “Josie!”

Josie’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. She didn’t hesitate for a second and bolted
through the door.

Cars were driving by the hotel, and she managed to catch a taxi just in time. She got in the cab as soon
as Dexter came out of the hotel entrance. Her heart was beating out her chest as she sat down.

“Please hurry, my husband is an abuser. He’s chasing me with a knife.”

The driver stepped on the pedal and looked out the window. He was puzzled about how a man who
seemed so well-groomed and distinguished could be an abuser.

Josie placed her hands on her chest to calm her racing heart. After a while, she saw a car coming up
behind them. It was Dexter driving his black Maybach. His car had a much more powerful engine than
the taxi, and she could see him gaining speed on them.

They were speeding through the streets recklessly. The taxi driver was starting to get worried about
offending the driver of the Maybach. “Miss, who is he?” he asked.

Dexter lowered his window and gave her a thumbs up. He was impressed by her determination to

She could feel her blood rushing through her veins as she imagined what would happen if Dexter


“He’s a monster. Please take me to the nearest police station.”

Josie was wary of being caught by him. She knew he would never do anything to her in front of a

Despite everything, Dexter had never hurt her. He had always been attentive and caring towards her.

Before they reached the police station, the cars came to a halt at a traffic light.

The traffic light had a sixty-four-second countdown timer.

I’m doomed, Josie thought to herself when she realized the predicament she was in.

Dexter controlled his rage as he pulled Josie out of the car. He plastered a smile on his face and asked
through gritted teeth, “Why are you running away? I’m not going to do anything to you.”

Josie winced in pain as Dexter’s grip tightened on her hands. “Dexter, let me go,” she stuttered. “I
promise I won’t go anywhere.”

Dexter’s face tightened with anger as the silence between them stretched on.

Josie’s anger and fear were palpable. She gripped Dexter’s hand so tightly that it left red marks on his
palm, but he didn’t even flinch.

“You’re coming with me,” he said firmly, his eyes hard and unyielding.

He needed her by his side today.

The cars behind beeped their horns loudly as the light turned green. However, no one was brave
enough. to get too close to Dexter’s car.

Dexter was met with a pleading gaze from Josie. She knew that she was trapped. He refused to let her

Dexter gripped her wrist tightly as he led her to his car. He opened the door and was about to force her
inside. At that point, the taxi driver had already left.

Darting her eyes left and right, a sense of helplessness and desperation seared through her body as
she frantically sought a way to break free from her current situation. Just then, she saw a few police
officers working on the sidewalk.

When the police officers saw Dexter’s car stopped at the traffic light, they started to approach them.

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