That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 555

Let’s Pretend We Don’t Know Each Other

At the end of the corridor, two women stood facing each other, enveloped in an unusual atmosphere.
Josie lowered her head and spoke first, “Mrs. Hadey, I apologize for ruining Summer’s birthday banquet
that day.”

Claudia examined her closely, unable to accept the fact that this soft-spoken woman before her was
her daughter’s rival in love and Dexter’s wife.

“You’ve taken me by surprise,” she responded coldly.

Josie nodded in agreement, “I am equally surprised.”

Claudia’s gaze fell upon the beaded Buddhist bracelet on Josie’s wrist, her thoughts indiscernible
under her mask of a dignified woman.

“Dexter has treated you well,” Claudia stated plainly.

Josie hesitated for a moment. “Well…perhaps,” she spoke uncertainly, as even Josie herself was
uncertain of Dexter’s feelings.

“That child has grown up under my care. He is naturally distant, so if he treats you this well, it means
you are someone he truly cares about,” Claudia said with bitterness. “I’m not surprised that he chose to


Josie understood that Dexter’s feelings for her all came down to her appearance. She explained, “I
know I bear a resemblance to your missing daughter and Dexter and she shared a special bond from
their childhood.” D

Upon learning that Claudia was Leanne’s mother, Josie immediately understood that Claudia had lived
in the temple to seek solace in the absence of her daughter.

Claudia smiled slightly as she spoke, “I have to thank you for what you did that day. Zach might have
caused even greater trouble if not for you saving Laura. The scandal surrounding the Olsen family
would have been immense.”

“Domestic violence is truly despicable, Mrs. Hadey. Please, do everything you can to keep him away
from Laura, Josie responded with genuine concern.

Moved by the sincerity in her gaze, Claudia sighed. “Once Laura has fully recovered, I will make
arrangements to send her away from Wavery.”

Josie breathed a sigh of relief.

“In the future, we may still cross paths in Wavery, but let’s pretend we don’t know each other,” Claudia
suggested, leveling her gaze at her.

“I understand,” Josie replied, her voice steady despite the heaviness in her heart.

Claudia nodded in acknowledgment and left, leaving Josie to collect her thoughts. Taking a moment to
compose herself, she returned to Dexter’s side.

Josie glared at him and said with an annoyed tone, “Dexter, can you not make things difficult for

Dexter scoffed in disbelief at Josie’s audacity to defend someone other than himself. “What did you
say? I

Let’s Pretend We Don’t Know Each Other

make things difficult for him? Well, it would be great if he doesn’t make things difficult for me.”

“You were the one who crossed the line first,” Josie said firmly.

Dexter stood still, his attempts to calm himself becoming more evident. It finally dawned on him that
Josie held a debt to Arnold and, thus, wouldn’t stand by his side.

Struggling to force a smile, Dexter reached out and held Josie’s hand. “What did she say to you?” he

Josie didn’t want to tell him what had transpired during the past two months of her disappearance.

Sensing her reluctance, Dexter didn’t push for further information.

Lowering his voice, Dexter then asked. “What are your plans next?”

Josie took a moment before responding cautiously, “I don’t have any plans.”

Dexter guided her towards the car, but noticed her reluctance to follow. With a furrowed brow, he
issued a gentle threat, “Remember, my injury hasn’t recovered fully yet.”

She immediately complied and got into the car.

Silence hung in the air for a moment.

Josie sighed impatiently, “You’re behaving like a little boy pretending to be injured for attention.”

Dexter couldn’t help but grin, amused by her teasing tone.

As they arrived at the hotel, instead of heading upstairs, he led Josie to the lounge. “What would to
drink?” he asked.

Josie remained silent.

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