That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 553


“I don’t think we had a chance to talk that day,” Arnold replied, taking out a pack of cigarettes from his
pocket and offering one to Dexter.

Dexter declined the cigarette. “I’ve quit,” he announced flatly.

Arnold’s eyes widened in surprise.

He tucked the cigarettes away. “Mark knows about this. He’s already grounded Zach at their
compound. They’re making sure this doesn’t get out.”

“They’re trying to sweep this under the rug,” Dexter scoffed. “What about Summer?”

“She’s heartbroken because of you. What do you think?” Arnold lit a cigarette and took a seat in the

“Dex, I never would have thought you’d reveal your relationship with Josie at such a time. Mark won’t
let this go easily,” Arnold remarked, his eyes narrowing as he watched Dexter through his cigarette

Dexter laughed out loud as if he had just heard the most ridiculous thing in the world. “When has he
ever made my life easy? But he has always adored you, hasn’t he?”

Arnold pressed Dexter. “Are you going to give up on inheriting their fortune?”

Dexter looked through the windows and saw Josie gently holding Laura’s hand. His heart swelled at the
sight. After a short pause, he said softly, “I’m content with how things are now. I only need her.”

Arnold flicked the cigarette between his fingers, and the ashes fell onto his fingers. The heat from the
ashes made his face wrinkle up.

Josie gripped Laura’s hand tightly, her voice shaking. “Why did he hit you this time? Didn’t he bring you
out of the mountains?”

Laura’s breathing was shallow, and her body was covered in gauze as if she had been completely

“It was Summer’s birthday that day, and the Olsen family had a huge celebration to announce the heir
the Olsen Group. Zach felt humiliated as if he was being laughed at and made a laughingstock, so

“He’s a monster!” Josie screamed. “It’s his fault that he’s not good enough, but he’s taking his rage out
on a


“Abusers never change. Laura, you need to leave him now.”

Laura closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. I can’t do that. The Olsen family is very concerned
about their reputation. The public will criticize them if Zach ends his marriage so soon.”

Josie felt her fury building. “Why are you concerned about their reputation? You were almost beaten to


Josie laughed bitterly. “I know…”

“Then why…”

“I really can’t,” Laura squeezed Josie’s hands. “I heard that Dexter had announced to the public that

his wife.”

Josie was caught off guard by Laura’s sudden change of topic, but she knew she had to answer. “Yes.”

Laura smiled, her voice tinged with envy. “That’s good. It seems like he is very protective of you, but I
am not in the same situation as you, Josie. Even after our divorce, Zach could still harm me.”

Josie was rendered speechless.

She knew that Zach was capable of such violence.

“You’re in a very vulnerable state right now. It will take months for you to recover, and I’m worried
about. what happens next. What if he continues to hit you?”

“Look on the bright side, Laura said with a tight-lipped smile. “At least he can’t hit me during this time.”

Josie felt a painful wave of emotion swell in her chest. She tried to hide the tears welling up in her eyes
by turning away from Laura.

“Thank you,” Laura said sincerely. “If you hadn’t found me the other day, I would have died in the

“I can’t let you be in danger,” Josie responded sincerely, her steely eyes reflected her determination. As
she mulled over what had happened, she felt like getting Laura out was a fair trade, even though she
had been exposed as Dexter’s wife during the event.

Arnold had people guarding the ward. Josie slowly closed the door behind her as she left the room.
When. she lifted her head, she saw Dexter on a business call..

“How is she?” Arnold asked.

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