That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 554

Bothered by Their Relationship Going Public

Josie stiffened slightly, understanding what he was referring to. T’m fine,” she responded firmly.

Arnold felt a pang of guilt for involving her in the scandal. “The hat, it’s mine,” he explained.

Unsurprised by the revelation, she replied, “I know. I was an easy target for Summer.”

She raised her gaze to meet his. “Did you really go to see Claudia? What did she say?”

Arnold sneered, “What else could she say? She didn’t believe me initially, but she agreed to look in the
basement after I persuaded her. I bet she couldn’t believe her son could be capable of such a


“Monstrous…” Josie’s gaze grew distant. “Isn’t there a monster behind every rich person?”

She recalled a story Laura had once shared about an influential tycoon in Wavery who, despite his
poor health, took pleasure in tormenting others through the misuse of his wealth and power. During a
business trip abroad, his secretary arranged for a woman who showed a keen interest in him. He paid
her two million for five days. Despite the woman’s experience, she could only endure two days before
being carried out on a stretcher and spending a month in the hospital.

Ordinary people might have bad habits or weird quirks, but there was a limit to the things they could do.
People who were both rich and powerful were, however, exempt from those same limits. With no one
capable of keeping them in check, their depravity knew no bounds.

Josie fixed her gaze on Arnold, her voice filled with conviction. “I’ve always thought you were that kind


Arnold looked her straight in the eye and raised an eyebrow. “You seem to think you know me very

“So, are you that kind of person?” she challenged.

Despite Arnold’s carefree and suave demeanor, she knew that he was capable of going overboard
when having fun.

“You can try it yourself if you’re so eager to find out.”

Josie’s smile faded, offended by Arnold’s dismissive words. She turned her attention away from him
and noticed Dexter was still talking on his phone.

In an attempt to shift the conversation and escape the awkwardness, Josie changed the subject, “Have
the recent projects undertaken by the Carter Group been challenging?”

Noticing Josie’s poor attempt to change the subject, Arnold smiled playfully. “If I reveal the classified
information to you, Dexter Russell’s wife, wouldn’t I be betraying the Carters?”

There was a hint of sarcasm in his words, and Josie immediately sensed that he was still bothered by
that -night when Dexter had publicly announced their relationship.

Dexter finished his call and turned around, only to witness the scene of the two holding their gaze at
each other; their expressions held a playful demeanor. Their gazes, though distant, contained an
uncanny understanding between them that stabbed Dexter in the heart.

In an instant, a surge of violent rage welled up inside him.

Bothered by Their Relationship Going Public

Just then, a voice rang out, “Dex.”

They turned their attention and saw Claudia holding something, seemingly a visiting gift for Laura.

Upon hearing the voice, both Arnold and Josie turned towards her.

Josie instinctively stepped back, not knowing how to act in front of Claudia.

Dexter stepped forward, holding Josie’s hand and pulling her behind him as if trying to shield and
protect. her. “Aunt Claudia, you’re here.”

Claudia looked at Dexter indifferently and commented flatly, “You sent someone to get her that day.”

Dexter confirmed her question with a simple “Yes.”

Claudia nodded and turned to put the things she was carrying into the ward.

After a while, she got out of the room and gestured to Josie to follow her, “Come with me for a
moment,” she said, her tone indicating there was no room for objection.

However, Dexter held Josie back, interjecting, “Aunt Claudia, Josie is a bit shy. If there’s anything, you
can say it here.”

Josie looked up and stared at him while trying to free her hand from his grip.

Claudia’s cold smile remained, clearly displaying her displeasure with Dexter’s opposition. “Dex, I don’t
think she is that shy,” she said in a disapproving tone.

Feeling the tension in the air, Josie quickly intervened. “Mrs. Hadey, I… I’ll come right away.” Josie
quickly struggled free from his grasp.

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