That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 541

Accuse of Stealing

Josie came to a sudden halt, her eyes widening in surprise. “How did you recognize me with my
mask?” she asked.

Larry’s eyes gleamed with surprise and delight. “Of course,” he said. “Mr. Russell has been searching
for you for the past two months. I can recognize you even if you were wearing a helmet.“

Josie glanced in Gareth’s direction. Her voice was filled with urgency as she said, ‘T’ll explain another
day. I can’t be seen here right now.”

“Don’t go,” Larry pleaded. “we’ve been looking for you for so long.” He stared momentarily at Andy
before grabbing Josie’s wrist. He was holding onto her as if his life depended on it. “You have to at
least see Mr. Russell before you leave.”

He then led her towards Dexter.

Josie wanted to disappear into the ground. “I really can’t,” she replied, shaking her head.

As they were struggling in the hallway, they caught Dexter’s attention. Dexter glanced up, followed by
Summer, who did the same.

Josie immediately turned around, hoping to avoid being seen.

Summer recognized her instantly and looked towards Gareth nervously. She saw his face flash in
surprise and said carefully, “Dex, this isn’t the appropriate occasion for this.”

Dex didn’t listen to Summer and started walking over to Josie.

He started walking quickly but slowed down as he got closer to her.

Arnold was carefully observing the scene that unfolded before him the whole time. He wanted to
protect Josie but had to stay put because Zach was about to leave his seat. Without hesitating, he
called out to Zach. Zach, let’s have another toast.”

Zach froze at his spot. “You must be really pumped up tonight.”

“Summer announced that she had something big to reveal to everyone later. Aren’t you curious?”

Zach’s steps came to a halt, and he decided to stay with Arnold.

Dexter stood before Josie. Suddenly, Summer’s voice cut through the air. “What are you wearing?!”

As soon as Summer’s scream rang out, everyone slowly gathered around them.

Dexter stood frozen in place as Josie turned around. She was stunned to see the man she hadn’t seen
in a long time standing before her.

Their eyes met as if the world around them had stopped.

It only took one moment for them to fall for each other again.

Seeing how their eyes were longingly fixed on each other, Summer’s face tightened, and she clenched
her fists so tightly that they left red marks on her palms.

She continued to yell at Josie, “What are you wearing?”

Josie finally averted her gaze from Dexter and removed the cap that Arnold had given her earlier.

It was a cap from Louis Vuitton’s Fall collection that was priced at an exorbitant price.

Summer walked over and snatched the cap from her. This is mine! How dare you steal from me?!®

Josie’s bright eyes grew wide with fear and surprise when she noticed the overwhelming stares from

everyone in the crowd. Shaking her head, she took a step back and refuted Summer’s claims, “I didn’t
steal It.”

Andy, who stood by her side, lowered his tone and emphasized, “Ms. Olsen, she didn’t steal it from

“How can I trust you? She looks suspicious, doesn’t she? Why would she be wearing a mask? Who
knows what she’s up to? Does she even have an invitation?”

Summer’s questions came out in a single breath, not giving Josie a chance to speak. Her eyes darted
away from Dexter’s pressuring gaze.

“She” Andy was flustered and at a loss for words, struggling to explain under the scrutinizing stares of
the guests.

Summer sent a warning glare at Andy, her gaze dripping with disdain. I’m asking her. Why are you
getting nervous?”

Josie felt the man’s eyes boring into her. His gaze was as dark and unfathomable as the deep sea,
exuding a domineering and intimidating air. He looked like his world only had her in it.

“Don’t you have an invitation?” Summer stood before Josie, lifting her cap. “Let me ask you one thing.
Do you know what’s unique about this cap?”

Josie narrowed her eyes but didn’t utter a single word.

“There’s a watercolor painting of a small flower behind the cap. I drew it myself,” Summer asserted,
turning the cap around. Sure enough, there was a painting of a daisy.

Summer wasn’t lying.

Josie closed her eyes shut. She knew Summer was determined to accuse her of stealing her item.

However, she couldn’t mention Arnold’s name to save herself.

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