That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 561

Winning the Bet

Dexter was awakened by a faint and elusive fragrance. As he opened his eyes, he realized that the
soreness in his body had finally subsided, although he found himself drenched in sweat. He rubbed his
forehead and sat up, his gaze falling upon several white water lilies delicately arranged on the bedside

Sounds were coming from the small kitchen in the room. Dexter glanced over and saw Josie standing
there, seemingly simmering soup, her back turned to him.

Dexter curved his lips, not wanting to disturb this tranquility.

Quietly getting up, he entered the bathroom to take a shower.

When he came out again, Josie was no longer there. Dexter wondered if he had been caught in a
dream. unsure if the serene scene he had witnessed before was real or a figment of his imagination.

But the soup she had stewed was placed on the table, a tangible reality.

Josie hadn’t left anything behind, and Dexter instinctively looked toward the windowsill. Still, there were
no signs of it being touched.

Using a towel to dry his hair with one hand, he sat at the dining table and scooped himself a bowl of his
movements somewhat sluggish as he slowly sipped it.

Her culinary skills were excellent, and it had been long since he tasted such a delectable meal.

Despite the mouth-watering meal filling his stomach, a sense of desolation washed over him.

Dexter closed his eyes.

Suddenly, he stood up, not wearing his outer coat, and dashed out the door.

Larry, who was standing outside the door, was startled by Dexter’s sudden appearance. Watching the
man’s figure swiftly disappear, he shouted, “Mr. Russell, please put on your coat! You haven’t fully
recovered yet!”

There was no response from Dexter.

Larry stomped his foot in frustration and returned to fetch Dexter’s coat before following him.

Josie was standing by the roadside, looking around the surroundings as she waited for a car.


The surrounding was bustling, but she stood still, her beautiful yet wistful figure drawing the attention of
those around her.

Dexter’s footsteps stopped as he observed her figure from a distance. Her hair, still damp from the
shower, framed her face delicately, adding to her gentle aura.

-Sensing his intense gaze, Josie slowly turned around, meeting his eyes directly, and spoke, “I was
taking a

gamble just now. If you manage to catch up to me, I’ll agree to your conditions.”

Dexter pursed his lips and grabbed Josie’s hand, walking ahead without uttering a word.

“So, you won the bet.”

Josie lowered her gaze and followed beside him, not resisting.

She spoke deliberately softly and said, “I haven’t eaten yet.”

Dexter’s steps faltered slightly. Looking around, he saw a night market close enough.

He led her there, tightly gripping her hand, occasionally loosening his grip, afraid of hurting her. Night
markets were always crowded, bustling with people brushing against each other.

Dexter, who was accustomed to more luxurious settings, didn’t show the slightest hint of disdain.

Josie picked a barbecue stall, ordered several skewers, and handed the menu to Dexter. “I didn’t bring
any money, so I might need you to pay later.”

Her innocent doe eyes seemed particularly harmless amidst the swirling smoke.

Dexter patted his pocket, realizing his wallet and phone were not with him. He looked up, and Larry
stood behind them, guarding the car. He had driven it over.

Dexter smiled warmly and nodded.

Josie wiped the table and chairs with a tissue. As she did, she finally disclosed, “I’ve been staying in
the mountains for the past two months and haven’t had any meat.”

Dexter sensed that she had something on her mind. She ordered two boxes of beer, which made him
furrow his brows slightly.

Josie opened a can of beer and took a sip, her face scrunching up from the bitterness.

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