That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 563

We Won’t Get a Divorce

She paused, and Dexter held his breath, awaiting her following words.

“But at that moment, my mind went blank. I didn’t know,” she confessed.

“Do you know who I met at the church? Mrs. Hadey, who is none other than Claudia Hadey.”

That one sentence awakened Dexter.

It all made sense.

“I never imagined that Claudia Hadey is Summer’s mother,” Josie lamented and closed her eyes, “She
is a very gentle woman. I even told her I wished she were my mother, but alas…”

She couldn’t continue.

She could never heal from the pain of never receiving a mother’s love.

Dexter frowned; the muscles along his jaw tightened.

“Social class erects lifelong barriers that cannot be overcome.”

Josie opened her eyes and added, “I thought I was your first wife and genuinely liked you. But the
reality is harsh, Dexter. Sooner or later, we will end up divorcing Your ideal partner should be a
sophisticated and educated woman from a wealthy family I cannot fulfill that role. How will I live my life
if I can’t move on?”

Josie had spoken so much that her face flushed, and Dexter reached out, cradling her face warmly.

Little did she know, a wave of anger raged in his heart.

Gradually, Josie fell silent, collapsing into Dexter’s embrace. She gently touched his face, asking, “Did I
cry…? I thought I wouldn’t cry anymore…”

“Josie, we won’t get a divorce,” Dexter whispered, stroking her hair tenderly.

She felt intoxicated, but there was a firm sense of sobriety underneath. “I’ve tried, but there are too
many obstacles between us. We cannot reach the end, do you understand?”

Josie had accepted her fate.

Dexter gently caressed her face as his chest heaved with turmoil.

After a while, Dexter finally looked up and beckoned his secretary, Larry, to come over.

He took the car keys from him and ordered, “Go settle the bill.”

-He lifted Josie, placed her in the passenger seat, reclined it, and fastened her seatbelt before
adjusting the

temperature to a warmer setting.

Dexter was sober and drove out late at night to find empty streets with few cars.

He continued driving, passing the city hall, Wavery University, and the lengthy coastline, He
accelerated as the city fell silent. The rushing wind filled his ears, but the weight in his heart remained.

After driving for a while, he finally pulled over. He was still coughing uncontrollably, having not fully
recovered from his illness.

Turning his head, he noticed Josie sleeping soundly, covered with a small blanket.

What was she dreaming about? Was he a part of her dreams?

Josie and Dexter were perceptive about each other’s motivations. Josie saw through Dexter’s fake
illness as a way to reunite, and Dexter figured out Josie’s hidden intentions behind her drunken words.

Josie woke up to sunlight piercing through her eyelids. She shielded her eyes and saw the car had
stopped near Pop’s residence.

Dexter, who hadn’t slept all night, looked at her and muttered, “Hi, sleepyhead.”

Josie stared blankly at him.

The soft, orange glow delicately kissed his face, softened his features, and revealed a glimpse of the
youthful man he once was rather than the formidable Mr. Russell he had become.

The steady beat of her heart resonated in her ears.

Josie withdrew her gaze. “Did I spend the night here?”

His expression dulled, “You drank too much last night. I heard many things from you.”

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