That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 568

The Wedding

“Many say I’m cold-blooded for ignoring your pursuit all these years, but they don’t know that you never
liked me. (3)

Arnold stood face to face with Summer and remained silent.

Just then, a server knocked on the door. “It’s about time, Ms. Olsen.”

Summer smirked. “I have no other intentions. I just want to remind you not to forget about the hatred
because of others.

As Summer turned around, Arnold grasped her wrist and pulled her into his arms. He buried his head in
her neck and whispered. “Of course, I won’t forget it. Sum, I haven’t forgotten that we’re partners too.”

Summer didn’t break away from Arnold but embraced him. “Good to know. I’m only left with you now.”

Josie had kept Laura in Mason Garden to recover ever since Laura was discharged from the hospital,
and Laura had rarely headed out.

She had received the invitation to Arnold and Summer’s wedding and was not allowed to reject it. The
Olsen family intended for Laura to attend the wedding to cover up the previous scandals.

“Look. Being in a rich family is all about putting on shows.” Laura hummed indifferently as she curled
up on a recliner, basking in the autumn sun.

Josie knew there was nothing she could do about it. She picked a scarf from her wardrobe and put it
around Laura’s neck to hide the ugly bruises. “Since it’s just for show, all you need to do is to show up.
I reckon the Olsens won’t give you a hard time.”

Laura made no comments as Josie put the scarf around her neck.

“Thanks for taking care of me these days. I have to leave after today.”

Josie frowned. “Where else can you go? You can’t go back to the Olsens.”

“I know.” Laura smiled. “Do you remember Dr. Morgan, the psychologist you introduced to me? He’s a
kind man and helped me find a place to stay. It’s convenient for him to come and treat me too.”

Josie understood that, given Laura’s situation, she needed the intervention of a psychologist.

“Can this Dr. Morgan be trusted? Be careful not to get scammed.”

“You’re the one who introduced him to me. Why are you worried?”

Only then did Josie remember that Dr. Morgan was introduced to her by Matthew, so there shouldn’t be
any problem.

“If I continue staying here, someone’s gonna detest me, Laura’s casual remark reached the ears of
Dexter, who was coming downstairs. He was dressed in a white long-sleeve blouse with half of his
watch revealed

at his wrist.

He lifted his eyebrows and said, “Since when did you learn to be ungrateful, Laura?”

Laura laughed Josir trotted to Dexter and asked, “What time are you leaving?”



Dexter held her hand. “Let’s go together.”

Josie was surprised. “I think I better stay back.”

Dexter caressed the ring on Josie’s finger. “You’re my wife. If you don’t attend the wedding with me,
others might think my wife doesn’t care for me.”

Josie’s cheeks blushed as Dexter teased her. “Laura’s here.” She muttered in embarrassment.

Laura sensibly averted her gaze. “I didn’t hear anything.

Dexter remained smiling and insisted, “Let’s go together. There’ll be plenty of occasions like this in the
future where I’ll need my wife to accompany me.”

Josie was in a quandary. “But Claudia said she didn’t want to see me again.” Even though it had been
a while, Josie still felt depressed when she thought about Claudia’s words.

Dexter bent down slightly and pinched Josie’s cheek. “You’re not there today to meet her but to tell
everyone you’re my only wife.”

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