That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 550

Leave as Soon as Possible

Josie stood by the entrance, pouring a cup of water for the police officers.

The police officers didn’t hold anything against her after she explained what happened. “Your husband
looked furious. He must bully you often, they commented.

However, she kept it to herself and explained, “It’s my fault. I came out without telling him.”

“Is he that strict with you?”

“That’s how he’s always been.”

“Seeing how you and your husband act around each other, I’m sure your relationship won’t last. Listen
to my advice and get away from him as soon as possible.

Josie chuckled softly, “Thanks, buddy.”

Despite her wishes, Dexter wouldn’t let her go.

The police officers had already left when Dexter exited the station. Andy went outside to make a call.
Dexter leaned against the wall, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He lit it up but didn’t take a puff.
“They look quite young. I’m sure they’re just at the beginning of their careers. Shall I turn their world.
upside down?”

The smoke he breathed out wafted between them.

“All I need is for you to come with me. It’s a simple and straightforward request. However, if you’re
unwilling to do so, I guess I’ll have no choice but to make them pay. Their lives would be ruined

because of your little rebellion. Would you be able to sleep soundly knowing what you’ve done to

“You know me better than anyone.”

“Josie, you’re playing with fire. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Dexter’s voice was assertive. As he spoke, Josie’s knuckles turned white from the pressure of her grip.
Dexter was a master manipulator, and he knew exactly how to push Josie’s buttons.

Josie’s eyes were like two chips of blue ice, cold and unyielding. “I have a condition.”

Dexter’s eyebrow shot up in amusement.

“You have to inform me about Laura’s situation.”

Dexter’s lips expanded into a wide grin. “Sure.”

When they left the station, the police officers who had arrested them were still there, shining a
flashlight. into the car. Dexter’s eyes narrowed to slits as he growled, “What do you want? Are you
thinking of hitting me again?”

“How could I?” The officer laughed nervously. “I didn’t recognize you before. But I wouldn’t have
mistaken. you for a human trafficker if I had known you were the person who is currently trending on


Josie quickly glanced over. In that brief moment, her eyes widened in shock at the pictures posted
online. They were from Summer’s birthday party,

The photo was taken from a misleading angle. It showed Dexter carrying Josie away, his broad back
making her look small in his arms. She had turned to look back in fear, and the photo caught her
looking directly into the camera.

Her eyes were wide with fear, and tears welled up in them, threatening to spill over.

Dexter’s face was a blank slate, unreadable and impenetrable.

The comment section was a hive of activity, with people buzzing about the latest news.

“Dexter had finally confirmed the identity of Mrs. Russell!”

“So this is Mrs. Russell. Despite her ordinary appearance, her presence is truly unique.”

“This must be another Cinderella story.”

Josie’s lips twitched. She felt the urge to disappear into thin air.

This revelation meant that she was trapped. Everyone now knew that she was Dexter’s wife.

Dexter was pleased to see her reaction. “Let the PR department keep this on the trends for a few more
days,” he said, his lips curling into a smile.

“Dexter!” Josie yelled; she couldn’t stand it anymore.

It was all his fault.

Andy informed Josie as they reached the top floor of the hotel that Dexter had booked the place for half
a year with the intention of staying there long-term.

The dressing on Dexter’s back wound, which had been applied at the police station, was inadequate,
as evidenced by the blood that had seeped through it onto his shirt.

Larry urgently called for the doctor to examine his injury.

He was severely hurt and would need a few days of rest to recover.

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