That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter Chapter 544

Chapter 544 We Can Try for a Second Child

Josie immediately recognized the man’s unique scent.

She held her breath, feeling his lips linger closer to hers. Her line of sight was blocked, and all she
could hear was his raspy voice. “Why wouldn’t you come with me? Are you together with Arnold?” (D

Dexter squeezed her hands harder, and her muscles flexed in resistance.

“You showed up at the Olsen Residence together with his people. Am I right?”

“So what?” Josie sneered, staring into his eyes.

“Why did you go to the Olsen Residence?” Dexter asked, his voice cold and demanding.

She was surprised by his interrogation, “What does that have to do with you?” she spat, her eyes
narrowing at him.

“I won’t hold it against you if you tell me nothing is going on between you and Arnold,” Dexter said, his
voice dropping. D

Josie knew that she was about to push him too far. She would have given him what he wanted in the
but she wouldn’t do it this time.

“I’m with Arnold now,” Josie said, her tone final.


Dexter’s eyes darkened, but he held his anger in check. Before he could say anything, Josie continued,
her voice rising in anger. “Why does it concern you? You humiliated me, and then you threatened me
by dragging me here as soon as you found me. What more do you want?”

He did not expect her to be so blunt, leaving him no room for compromise.

“Say that again,” his voice was devoid of emotion.

“You humiliated me, and then you threatened me. What more do you want from me?”

“Say it again.”

“You humiliated me…”

“Say it again!”


The hands that gripped her chin tightly slowly softened. Her tears welled up in her eyes, but they were
invisible in the dark. He only knew about them when a teardrop fell onto the back of his hand. D

The tear was warm on his hands, a reminder of the pain he had caused.

The veins on his arms faded as soon as he felt the warm teardrop.

Josie’s legs buckled as soon as she was free from his grip, and she sank to the ground, trembling with

Her tears streamed down her face as she wept into her hands.

“Dex, we lost our first child. It took me so long to recover from that loss. I finally found peace, but you’re
tearing my life apart again. Please let me go.” (D

Dexter’s face was unreadable, but his eyes were filled with regret. He had never seen Josie cry like this
before, and it broke his heart. He finally realized the pain he had put her through.

She begged and pleaded for him to release her.

Dexter lifted his head, his face set in a grim expression, and he blinked his tears away forcefully.

Josie hadn’t sobbed hysterically in a long time. She was afraid to cry in front of people, not wanting to
worry them. Even when she did cry, she had to stifle her sobs so no one could hear her.

However, when she stood before Dexter, she felt like she had found the source of all her problems. She
cried her eyes out, releasing all of her pent–up frustration and despair.

Dexter’s heart cracked into pieces as he heard her cries. He crouched down and gently lifted her onto
the bed. As she sobbed, he patted her back softly to comfort her. “We can still try for a second baby,
even a third one,” he said. “I won’t hurt you. Please stop crying and take a deep breath to calm down.”

Josie’s eyes were blurry with tears. She felt like she was in a dream. When had Dexter ever been so
patient and warm with her before?

Dexter comforted her, but he wouldn’t let her leave.

Josie panted in short gasps, her body shaking as she tried to calm her breaths. Dexter reached for a
glass and filled it with warm water. He placed the glass on the bedside table and sat down next to her.

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