That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 538

Found the Hidden Basement

Dexter moved away from Heather after Josie entered the room and said, “You’re right, but that’s the
extent of my gratitude.”

Heather was left stunned by his coldness.

After they entered the study, Josie took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. “Why did you
request to enter the study room?”

Arnold took off his coat and covered the security cameras. He then started to search the room. “I lived
in the Olsen residence in the past and found a secret basement that sounds like the one you’re talking
about. I’m not sure if it’s the same one.”

Josie raised her eyebrows in surprise and started to search around.

Arnold spoke in a hushed tone, “How long has Laura been physically abused?”

“It’s been happening for a while. I thought she was getting better after introducing her to a therapist, but
I never imagined that Zach would still abuse her.”

Her fury rose as she described what had happened to Arnold.

Arnold scoffed, “You should have introduced the therapist to Zach.

He tried to move a plant in the corner, but it was too heavy.

“I never thought someone so kind could have such a violent side to him,” Arnold added. He would
never hit a woman, despite his flirty personality.

Josie was feeling extremely pressed for time. She knew that Laura was in greater danger with each


The garden downstairs was a different world. Everyone was lost in conversation, the music providing a
backdrop to their chatter.

They spent twenty minutes trying to find the way to unlock the stairway to the hidden basement, but
they were unsuccessful. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door-it was Claudia. “Arnold, is everything
alright? Do you need any assistance?”

Arnold exchanged glances with Josie.

After a moment, he opened the door. “Aunt Claudia, we’re still working on the issue. It might take some


Claudia paused for a moment, mulling over his words. She peered through the small opening of the
door and saw Josie typing on the computer nonstop,

Oh, I was just wondering if you would like me to call your uncle over

“The’s no need to get Uncle Mark involved I can handle this myself Arnold replied

Meanwhile Summer had changed into a new dress and noticed her mother speaking to Arnold She
frowned and aked. “What are you doing, Mom!

ry wide with fear, as she heard Summer’s voice

Found the Hidden Basement

“Nothing much. I’m just chatting with Arnold.”

Summer’s brow snapped together as she directed her question to Arnold. “What are you doing in the
study room?”

“Work,” he said curtly.

Josie sprang to her feet when the door closed. “Do you think Claudia knows about Laura being

Arnold shook his head. “She’s probably not aware of it. She wasn’t here for their wedding, and she’s
not the type who would turn a blind eye to something like that

Hearing Arnold’s reassurance of her character, Josie sighed in relief.

The two of them continued searching for the hidden basement entrance. As Josie looked around the
bookshelf, she noticed that one of the books wasn’t an actual book. Her forehead creased as she tried
to turn the book around. To her surprise, the bookshelf began to slide open, and a door appeared
before them.

Arnold and Josie exchanged glances. “It’s the hidden basement,” he muttered in awe.

The lights in the hidden basement were dim, and the air was stale. It took them five minutes to reach
the bottom, where they found a large space well-stocked with food and water. As they walked deeper
into the basement, the lights became dimmer.

Arnold gripped a bat, keeping an eye out for danger.

“Laura?” Josie called out cautiously.

All of a sudden, she heard someone panting from a distance.

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