That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 571

Challenge Accepted

Just as everyone thought Xenia would give Summer a hard time, the former walked confidently to Josie
and declared, “As many guests are aware, Mrs. Russell is here today, too, to bless the newlyweds. I
heard. that Mrs. Russell is a Grade 8 pianist, and I’ve always admired you. Hope we have the chance
to witness your skills today.”

Both Josie and Laura were startled. Obviously, Xenia had no good intentions and was provoking Josie!

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the elegant Josie.

Arnold, who was greeting the guests, wanted to stand up for Josie but was subtly held back by

Josie instinctively looked around for Dexter. He was standing diagonally across from her. When the
warm light shed on the suit-clad man’s face, it accentuated his dignified aura. Dexter raised his glass at
Josie and didn’t intend to help her out at that moment.

He wanted to test how independent Josie could be.

you, Ms.

Josie looked at Xenia and replied with a smile, “It’s my honor to have the chance to play with Watson.
However, we’re here to celebrate the bride and groom today, so I think it’s better not to steal the

The guests fell silent when they heard Josie’s wise response.

Xenia sneered at Josie in a voice that was only audible to her. “Mrs. Russell, are you intimidated? Don’t
tell me you don’t know how to play the piano. Is Mr. Russell aware of it?”

Laura’s expression turned ghastly. “Hey, watch your words!”

Josie was finally stirred up. She could put up with Xenia’s humiliation but couldn’t allow her to implicate

Staring at Xenia with her guard up. Josie clenched her fist and said to Laura, “I accept her challenge.”

Suddenly, Xenia declared loudly, I’m looking forward to your performance. Hope you don’t mind it.
Everyone, please enjoy!”

Josie said with a stone face, “After you, Ms. Watson.”

Xenia was feeling smug for trapping Josie. As she walked toward the piano, she wondered if Josie
actually knew how to play the piano. She merely wanted to embarrass Josie.

Laura was anxious. “Can you play the piano?”

Josie gave Laura an assuring look.

Xenia started playing The Blue Danube. During her debut, the agency company arranged intensive
classes for her to learn all sorts of skills, including piano. So, Xenia had not forgotten how to play, but
her fingers.

were stiff.

Nonetheless, her posture was attractive. The crowd was soon mesmerized by her performance.
Toward the end of the performance, the hall resounded with applause. Truth be told, the guests
acknowledged her confidence and beauty more than her piano skills.

She bowed at Josie and said, “It’s your turn now.”


Xenia thought although she was not an excellent pianist, her skills were good enough to defeat Josie.
She stood beside the piano, ready to witness Josie’s embarrassment and to claim her victory.

In fact, it had been a while since Josie played the piano. When she sat down and touched the keys, the
memories and feelings came flooding back.

She pressed a few keys and produced incoherent sounds, which caused the audience to boo her.

“She should just get off the stage and stop embarrassing herself…”

“Ha! I thought she was great.”

Suddenly, her fingers started moving swiftly as she played a piece. Her arms moved gracefully like a
dancing swan.

She was playing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No.2. It was known as one of the most difficult piano.
pieces, and many pianists found the piece challenging.

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