That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 572

The Guy Who Taught Her Piano

Everyone was flabbergasted and was soon captivated by her exceptional performance. They were so
immersed in it that they only regained their composure after Josie finished playing the song.

Xenia stared at Josie in disbelief, knowing that she was utterly defeated in this competition.

Josie completely outperformed Xenia with her excellent skills. Not only did she know how to play the
piano, but she was also a piano virtuoso!

On the other hand, Xenia felt like she had dug her own grave.

Laura excitedly applauded first. “Bravo!”

With her prompt, the others joined in the applause, some admiringly and others reluctantly.

Standing in the corner, Dexter received many envious glances. The guests praised his wife but didn’t
notice the depression in his eyes. He never knew Josie could play the piano.

Josie didn’t leave the stage after playing the concerto. She gazed at Dexter’s in a daze, and her eyes
tinged with a faint sorrow.

She subconsciously continued playing the piano. This time, the song she played was Für Elise.

She had learned the piano at school. In a past relationship, some mocked her like Xenia and
commented that she was not in the man’s league because she couldn’t even play the piano. She was
angry and felt inferior. The man brought her to the music room and promised arrogantly, “It’s no big
deal. I’ll teach you.. Others don’t deserve to have me as their teacher.”

Josie chuckled and said worriedly, “But I have zero basics.”

The guy wasn’t bothered by it. He held Josie’s hands to press the keys. He taught her to recognize the
notes, play songs, and polish her skills.

As such, Josie patiently learned many songs throughout her university life. She was his only student.

Just then, the music stopped abruptly. Xenia had secretly unplugged the power she couldn’t allow Josie
to continue playing, or she would become the laughingstock of the city tomorrow!

Josie stopped her movements and opened her eyes, feeling lost as she was jolted back to reality.

Out of the blue, Dexter appeared behind Josic, took her hand, and led her to his side to signify his
protection over her.


Dexter smiled at her and squeezed her hand assuringly. “I’m so proud of you, honey.”

Xenia’s face turned pale as she was intimidated by Dexter’s cold aura. “I’m sorry, Mr. Russell. I have
been abrupt…” She apologized.

Dexter disregarded her apology and rebuked impatiently, “My wife’s time is precious and not something
just anyone can occupy.”

Xenia was utterly embarrassed today, yet she couldn’t say anything. How she wished she could vanish

thin air.


“Ms. Watson, if you want to compete next time, it would be better to compete against your fellow
entertainers.” Dexter, being who he was, made a harsh remark indicating that Xenia was way out of her

“Y-Yes, sir.”

Dexter narrowed his eyes and warned, “A wise person wouldn’t cross the line. You’re the Carter
Group’s spokesperson. Didn’t your agency company instruct you to maintain your image? Otherwise,
the consequences can be dire.”

Xenia’s face reddened in shame. She felt so abashed that she was on the verge of tears. “Yes… You’re

Dexter held Josie’s hand and left the stage. “Good job. You’re getting better at carrying yourself as Mrs.
Russell. He commented nonchalantly..

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