That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 565

Life Seemed Trivial

A fiery torrent of wrath and disdain arose in Summer.

Anger thrummed through her veins as she shattered all her objects in the master bedroom.

“How could this happen? I have no interest in Arnold–why did I marry him and spend the rest of my life
with him?” She was trembling with rage.

Since Dexter publicly revealed Josie’s identity at her birthday banquet, Summer became the
laughingstock of the entire Wavery City, with people accusing her of being a wanton woman trying to
break apart a married couple.

Even she couldn’t believe that Dexter would risk offending her and the entire Olsen family for the sake
of Josie.

Was Josie really that important?

Summer was exhausted from her outburst and sat on the floor, panting tearfully.

When Claudia arrived, she found Summer in such a disheveled state that was not befitting of a young,
dignified woman of her status. Claudia heaved a sigh softly, “Get up.”

Summer heard the sound and looked up at Claudia’s feet, feeling even more aggrieved. “Why did
Father arrange it this way? You both know that I don’t like Arnold Carter.”

She remained still, so Claudia had to bend down and help her up. “Arnold is a good man. He has been
there for you all these years, unwavering. Even if you don’t love him, you should be grateful.”

Summer couldn’t deny her gratitude towards Arnold Carter, the only person who visited her during her
time abroad.

“But, Mother, being grateful is not love.”

“Then who do you love? Dexter?” Claudia reached out and tidied her disheveled hair. “Sum, he has
already openly acknowledged his wife on your birthday–he doesn’t love or care about you. If you
persist, you will ruin your own life.”

Summer listened and gradually calmed down. “But I am unwilling. I can wait for them to get divorced…”

Claudia fell silent and stared at her quietly.

It was demeaning for her to say that, and her voice weakened.

“This marriage is the best for you, for Arnold, for the Olsen family, and for the Carter family. Sum, don’t
give up on yourself. You have a long life ahead, and you deserve your own happiness,” Claudia spoke
slowly, her eyes filled with compassion for her daughter.

Summer sat opposite her, and tears welled up. She suddenly asked, “Mother, I heard from Father that
were surprised when Josie appeared. Why?”

She was desperate for an answer. Thus her eyes fixated on Claudia, not daring to blink.

Claudia evaded the question and said, “I was just surprised. I never expected Dexter to marry someone
like her.”


“Really?” Summer probed as her heart shattered.

“Absolutely,” Claudia replied calmly, with no hint of a white lie.

“Why did you help her rescue Laura? Wouldn’t it be better to let her die in the basement, where no one
would know and the Olsen family wouldn’t be tainted with scandal, and our father wouldn’t send away
my brother? Isn’t that better?” she murmured.

Claudia, almost furious, looked at her daughter in disbelief and gasped, “Summer, do you even realize
what you’re saying? That was a human life! Your brother committed a crime! Is a life that trivial to you?!
You weren’t like this before.”

Summer fell silent.

Exasperated, Claudia shook her head and continued, “My dear Summer, though she may seem
restless and stubborn now, she has always been kind–hearted since she was little.”

Summer choked, “But have you ever been with us? Since Liana left, how much attention have you
given to me and my brother? It’s only natural for him to go down this path. So even if everyone blames
him, I don’t blame him!”

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