That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 556

Surpassing the Russell family

Dexter appeared to have arranged for a meeting with someone, and it didn’t take long for a
meticulously dressed woman to approach. She was likely in her fifties and had a slightly plump figure.

Bowing respectfully to Dexter, she apologized, T’m sorry for being late, Mr. Russell. I just finished
negotiating a project.”

Josie’s curiosity was piqued upon realizing it was a business meeting, and her impatience subsided
slightly. She glanced at Dexter, waiting for him to provide further explanation.

“Please, take a seat,” Dexter said in his typical polite business voice while pouring a cup of tea for the


The woman, filled with trepidation, hesitated momentarily before sitting beside Josie.

As their eyes met, the woman exclaimed softly, “Mrs. Russell.”

Since becoming a hot topic on social media, everyone recognized Josie’s face.

Josie felt a headache coming on.

Dexter’s gaze remained fixed on her, observing her reaction while casually introducing, “This is Ms. -
Warner, the head of the province’s most renowned engineering outsourcing team.”

Josie was utterly bewildered and confused by Dexter’s intention behind arranging a meeting with
someone of such influence.

Despite her confusion, she extended a polite greeting to the woman before her. “Hello, Ms. Warner.”

Ms. Warner smiled warmly as she responded, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Russell. You and your husband,
Mr. Russell, make a striking couple.”

Josie was about to refute, but Dexter smoothly interrupted. “Thank you,” he said nonchalantly while
raising his teacup, taking a graceful sip as per customary table conducts.

Josie shot a glare at Dexter.

Ms. Warner, with a polite smile, chimed in, “I received the news in haste and didn’t have time to
prepare a gift. How about we have dinner together tonight? My treat.”

Dexter, being the talented and ruthless person he was, had revived the Russell Group in his hands.
The news of their resurgence had spread worldwide, attracting the attention of those eager to climb the
social ladder. Ms. Warner, recognizing the potential benefits, saw this as a golden opportunity to
collaborate. “No need,” Dexter replied indifferently. “I invited you here today to ask for your help, Ms.
Warner.” “What help? Feel free to let me know; I’ll do whatever I can.” Ms. Warner eagerly offered her
support. Josie tightened her grip on the cup, a sense of unease washing over her.

Dexter responded to Ms. Warner’s question while maintaining a warm gaze on Josie, “I would like you
to assist in establishing the groundwork for my wife’s studio.”

Josie couldn’t help but exclaim in a hushed voice, “Dexter!”


Chapter 556 Surpassing the Russell family

Dexter remained unfazed.

Ms. Warner quickly responded, gently asking Josie, “Mrs. Russell, you have a studio?”

Josie replied hesitantly, “Um… I’m one of the partners, mainly responsible for designing

“How many projects has the studio undertaken?” Ms. Warner inquired.

“Not many, but enough to sustain ourselves.” Josie implied, suggesting that they didn’t require any


Feeling Josie’s reluctance to accept her assistance, Ms. Warner found herself uncertain about how to

Dexter’s words pierced through Ms. Warner’s doubts and uncertainties. “Her channels need to be
expanded,” he stated firmly.

Josie’s frustration

reached its peak as she forcefully slammed her hand on the table. “You’re going too far!”

Ms. Warner found herself caught in the middle, realizing that the relationship between Dexter and Josie
was not as harmonious as she had initially thought.

Dexter, unmoved by Josie’s outburst, focused his gaze on her reddened hand. “Does it hurt?”

In that fleeting moment, Josie felt an intense urge to unleash her anger and curse at him.

She turned her head, no longer wanting to engage with him.

Ignoring Josie’s decision to disengage, Dexter remained unfazed and continued his conversation with
Ms. Warner.

He sat across from her, calmly discussing the operational strategies for the studio. Dexter effortlessly
presented three comprehensive plans for every aspect, ranging from business expansion to project.

Ms. Warner couldn’t help but question if she was truly the industry expert or if Dexter held that title

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