That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 569

No Regrets.

Dexter was so persistent that Josie couldn’t reject him further. “Alright then.”

Moses dropped Laura at the hotel while Dexter sent Josie to the stylist to dress up.

The stylist tied up Josie’s hair and helped her wear elegant makeup. Her lipstick was a deep shade of
red, and she wore a golden strapless long dress that exposed her slender shoulder and calves. Her
outfit was complemented by a pair of four-inch stilettos, which she confidently walked on.

The stylist couldn’t help exclaiming. “I have to say that you look like a natural noblewoman after
dressing up.”

Leaning against his Mercedes, Dexter smiled as he calmly watched Josie walk toward him.

Josie stood in front of him and became nervous under his scrutinizing gaze. “Do I look weird?”

In fact, she was gorgeous, like a royal princess.

Dexter reached out his hand and said, “You’re stunnin

Josie held Dexter’s hand and felt its roughness and warmth. With that, the couple entered the hotel.

This was a grand occasion. Josie knew she shouldn’t mention the previous conflicts and that her task
today. was not to embarrass the Russell family and Dexter.

The upper class never lacked handsome men and beautiful women. The guests invited to the banquet.
were especially outstanding and influential.

However, when Dexter and Josie entered the hall together, everyone else seemed to pale in

Arnold, who was dressed in a black suit, was standing in the hall greeting the guests.

“Hi, Arnold. Dexter led Josie and walked up to Arnold.

When Arnold saw Josie, he spaced out briefly as he was reminded of the previous time he and Josie
attended Zach’s wedding. But now, Josie was attending his wedding.

“Welcome.” Arnold had no desire to have a small talk with Dexter.

It had been a while since Josie last met Arnold, and she wouldn’t have thought the next time they met
was at his wedding. She thought this might be a better choice for Arnold, which could be beneficial for


“Hey, Dexter. Oh, this must be Mrs. Russell.” Just then, someone among the guests called out to

It was an elder. Dexter did not avoid him but politely greeted the person.

Meanwhile, Josie and Arnold stood face-to-face with each other. Their gazes met for a moment before
Josie asked, “Do you regret it?”

They were on opposing sides, yet she could understand his helplessness.

Arnold smiled and cast a side glance at Decter. “No regrets.”

“That’s good” Josie took out an envelope from her handbag and placed it in the basket in front of



The wedding gift was a thick pile of cash.

Mark and Claudia greeted the guests in the hall while Laura accompanied them solemnly. As such,
many guests reckoned the rumors about Laura being abused were false.

“Where’s Zach? Why isn’t he here for such an important occasion?” Someone asked.

Before Claudia could say something, Laura answered, “He’s on a business trip and couldn’t make it
back in time. Sorry about that. Please allow me to give you a toast on his behalf.”

Many deemed Laura’s action solid evidence to refute the rumors.

Claudia gave Laura a grateful look.

Soon, the ceremony officially began..

Rose petals were scattered on the thirty-foot red carpet. Summer wore a white rose bracelet and held
at bouquet of flowers. As the background music played a romantic wedding march, Mark walked
Summer down the aisle toward Arnold, who was at the end of the red carpet, while the flower girls held
Summer’s wedding dress from behind.

Countless flashing cameras were being pointed at the bride.

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