That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 564

The Proposal

“I didn’t mean what I said,” she admitted, her fingers clenched tightly.

Dexter remained composed, his gaze fixed on her. “From now on, I can assure you that no other
woman will come between us, and I won’t let any pressure get the best of me. Josie, can you trust

Her voice caught in her throat momentarily,

The car radio was left on. The presenter’s voice is barely audible, discussing some current events.
Dexter pressed, “l, well, never really considered our future. After we lost the child, I quit smoking.”

This statement caught Josie off guard. Dexter was a chain smoker, and quitting had seemed
impossible. But as Josie recollected their recent days together, she noticed that he hadn’t smoked once
in her presence.


“I want to have a child with you.” He enunciated each word slowly, “I want to make things right between

1. us.

With a charming smile, he reached for a small box and opened it to reveal a stunning diamond ring that
caught Josie’s eye. Dexter then unbuckled his seatbelt, dropped to one knee, and nervously asked,
“Would you do me the honor of starting afresh in our marriage?” His sincerity and optimism filled the air
with excitement and joy. D

Josie’s stomach flipped as she tenderly brushed against his teary eyes.

Their marriage commenced as a transaction, yet as it neared its end, he knelt before her in hopes of
romantically starting anew.

Josie’s heart swelled.

After a long while, she asked hesitantly, “Not merely a transaction?”

“A transaction no longer binds us,” Dexter said with a gentle smile, his pallid face glowed despite his
illness. “I took a detour last night to find an open jewelry store and bought this ring. It may not be as
precious as the one I gave you when we first married, but its significance is different. I hope you don’t
mind.” D

How could she possibly mind when such an incredible man was willing to do all this for her?

In the silence that followed, the radio host abruptly interrupted with breaking news-“Olsen group
announces marriage with Arnold Carter, the executive of Carter Group.”

She froze as she stared at Dexter.

The marriage announcement implied that Summer had finally made a compromise.

Summer had decided to marry Arnold Carter. She had based her decision on the rumors of Zach’s -
domestic abuse and Dexter’s public declaration of his relationship with Josie. This path was the one

would benefit her the most.

This alliance will definitely change the dynamics in Wavery.

Dexter waited patiently for Josie’s response, unfazed.

“Yes, I do.” Josie huffed softly as she extended her finger, knowing that this marriage was no longer a


Dexter’s face lit up as he slid the diamond ring onto her left hand, intertwining their destinies.

“Let’s go meet your father.”

He pressed the central lock to unlock the vehicle and guided Josie by the hand as they walked

“If you hadn’t agreed just now, would you have let me get out of the car?” she asked. Dexter chuckled
and replied, “If you hadn’t agreed, I would have let you go.

If you truly love someone, you would have let them go for their happiness.

Josie’s muscles relaxed as she uttered with a bright smile lifting her features, “I’m starving.”

“What would you like to have?”

“Your homemade soup.”


As they knocked on the door, Josie’s father looked up. He saw them holding hands, feeling both
surprised and relieved. “Come in,” he said.

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