That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 575

Morgan’s Back

Seated in the car, Josie examined the picture scrupulously one more time.

It seemed like a digitally-enhanced screenshot from a surveillance camera.

She drew two conclusions after she was done with her examination – the picture was real, and there
was video evidence as well; the sender eagerly wanted to show her the person in the picture.

“Did something happen? You don’t seem like yourself today.” Laura frowned at her after noticing her

Josie locked her phone instinctively. “Everything’s fine

After a while, she asked, “Laura, what would you do if someone used facts to drive a wedge between
you and your relations?”

It was a rather complicated question. Laura gave the matter a thought before replying, “It depends on
what the facts are. If it’s something severe, the relationship is bound to break apart anyway

Is it severe enough? Josie wondered internally. She wanted to trust Dexter. “Hmm… It’s kinda severe, I


Laura snorted out laughing. “What’s going on? If it’s severe, there’s no other way around it. ‘Kinda’
doesn’t really mean anything. Oh, we are almost there.”

The car turned into a fancy neighborhood. After arriving, Laura brought Josie to the thirtieth floor of the

The apartment complex was Waterfront Heights, a high-end one, but Josie was so deep in her
thoughts. that she didn’t notice anything around her. She hastily put on a jacket to cover her bare skin
only when she suddenly remembered the meeting.

“How’s the psychiatrist like?”

Laura flashed a cryptic smile. “He’s very… good-looking.”

Josie arched her eyebrows.

The doctor was already waiting for them in the apartment. The door was unlocked, so they could enter
the place on their own.

This was one of the larger units of the complex that had a wide panorama over the city. The apartment
looked minimalistic, revealing the aesthetic taste of the owner.

Looking around her, Laura liked the vibes of the apartment. “Dr. Morgan, it must be hard to find such a
great apartment in the heart of the city.”

The orange rays of the sunset poured through the French window, enveloping the man in a warm glow.
He stood with his back facing them, playing around with a metal contraption that reflected some of the

Josie narrowed her eyes – it was a lighter.

He wore a white shirt with a gray cardigan, making him look tall and sturdy. Judging from his physique
and aura, one would hardly think he was a psychiatrist.

When he heard their entrance, he turned around and looked straight at Josie with dark eyes that
seemed to have the power to lure one into his world.

When Josie made out who he actually was, she froze.

“Of course, he replied in a deep voice.

Laura quickly nudged Josie, who was still shocked. “This is my best friend, Josie. I’m so thankful that
she’s been taking care of me lately. Josic, this is Dr. Morgan, whom I always talk to you about.”

It was none other than Morgan Bastille.

The precision of his reply surprised Laura.

While carefully observing Josie’s reaction, he stretched his hand toward her calmly, not betraying any
hints of surprise at Josie’s sudden arrival.


Though countless different emotions were raging within her, she shook his hand. “Hi…”.

He gave her a squeeze just as she was about to retract her hand. Startled, she met his dark gaze and
seemed entrapped by his eyes.

Morgan smiled and let go. “I’ve heard about you from Matthew countless times. Now that we’ve finally
met cach other in person, I must admit that you’re one of a kind indeed.”

“Oh, not at all, she denied almost instantly. “When did you return?”

Laura was about to reply, but Morgan beat her to it. “Ten weeks ago.”

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