That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 567

I’m Not Your Most Beloved Person

The wedding of Summer and Arnold took place at the largest hotel in Wavery, which belonged to the
Olsen family.

Both families created an extravagant spectacle. On that day, the two largest airports in Wavery were
closed, and security was tight. Planes and private jets arrived one after another, welcoming important
guests to the wedding.

The banquet hall had 288 tables, hosting esteemed guests and media from various sectors. The city’s
top officials personally officiated the ceremony, marking it as the wedding of the century.

How deeply in love can a man be with a woman to proudly and publicly declare her as his to the entire

The makeup artist eagerly shared the media’s flattering comments in the dressing room while Summer
meticulously shaped her eyebrows. Lost in thought, she gazed at her glamorous reflection in the mirror.

of true

Her eyebrows had arched in a beautiful curve; her eyes gleamed like peach blossoms. Her petite face
was framed by flowing locks that cascaded softly down to her chest, exuding the enchanting allure
Southern beauty. When she smiled, her warmth and intelligence shone through, captivating the hearts
of all who beheld her.

Wedding days are often seen as the most cherished and breathtaking moments for brides.
Unfortunately, today, this bride married someone who was not her heart’s desire.

The bride’s gown was worth millions, adorned with meticulous diamonds. A Spanish tailor spent a
month crafting this bejeweled masterpiece.

Arnold was awestruck as he saw the dress, taking him back to his youth when he walked home with a
girl in her school uniform.

“How do I look?” Summer glanced back at the mirror.

Arnold usually dressed casually, but his wedding suit accentuated his tall and graceful physique.

“You’re gorgeous,” he leaned in and touched her shoulder. At that moment, he noticed a faint red mark
where the wedding dress had gently pressed against her skin.

Noticing where his gaze landed, Summer’s jaw tightened, and she quickly muttered, “It’s just a slightly
tight fit. I can manage.”

“I’m sorry,” Arnold apologized and quickly withdrew his hand.

“I never expected that the person who knows me best would one day forget my size,” Summer tilted
her head and gave him a faint smile.

Arnold’s heart remained hollow and vacant as her mouth curved into a gentle smile.

He stood up and said, “That day was solely to save someone’s life-I never intended to embarrass you.


Summer and Arnold hadn’t met ever since the day of the birthday banquet. Mark and Claudia
orchestrated the wedding arrangements.



Up, laced him directly, and recounted, “On my eighteenth birthday, when my parents were busy with
work, you took me out late at night. We climbed the tallest mountain in the city, and when I grew tired,
you carried me to the summit. At midnight, we gazed upon the beautiful night view of the city. view. You
told me we should always be this happy in the future.”

“I knew right then that you liked me.”

Her mouth twitched, and she continued, “I am twenty-two now. I threw a birthday party that was more
extravagant than ever. Everyone congratulated me, except for you. You were being cold to me.”

“Arnold, do you still have any feelings for me?”

The question lingered as Arnold stared at Summer, and a grave hollow filled his heart. His silence grew
heavier as he struggled to find the right words to respond.

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