That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 570

The Ex-girlfriend

Sitting next to Josie, Dexter asked softly, “Do you like this kind of wedding?”

Josie shook her head. “Not really. It’s too high-profile.”

Dexter took note of it.

As the bride’s mother, Claudia gave a speech on the stage. She shed tears as she was delighted for
her daughter to marry a good man. Her blessings for the couple were genuine.

Everyone thought Arnold and Summer were a perfect match.

Some guests discussed Josie among themselves. “Is that woman Dexter Russell’s wife? The one he
announced at Summer’s birthday party? Rumors say that she’s average-looking, but her appearance is
way beyond average.”

“She’s indeed beautiful. No wonder she managed to seduce Dexter to marry her.”

“Even Summer can’t hold a candle to her….”

Josie had made Dexter proud and proved that they were the real couple.

Dexter placed his hand around Josie’s waist and whispered into her ear affectionately, “Many men have
their eyes glued to you, and I don’t like that.”

Later, Dexter introduced Josie to his business partners. I’ve heard of you from Dexter several times.”
Josie clinked glasses with the other parties and said with a courteous smile.

In fact, she had never heard of them.

Dexter mischievously pinched Josie’s waist. “You’re such a natural socializer. It seems like you can
handle it on your own.”

Josie glanced around the surroundings and nodded. “I should be fine. Go ahead and meet your other

Summer’s wedding was just another major socializing event.

After Dexter left, several provocatively-dressed socialites approached Josie. “Hi, Mrs. Russell. It has
been a while.”

Actually, they had never met Josie. Some of them were Dexter’s admirers, but little did she expect an
ordinary woman like Josie to end up becoming Dexter’s wife.

They became more salty to see Josie in the spotlight.

Staring at them, Josie tightened her grip on her clutch and straightened her back. “Hi, how can I help

“Nothing. We just want to know how it feels like to go from rags to riches. One of the ladies spoke
meanly, which made her appear far from a poised socialite.

Josie took a sip of red wine and carried herself with pride like a true princess.

“I guess you might not know that the ugly duckling can become a swan only because it is a swan, to



“You!” The ladies were exasperated as they were at a loss for words to retort to Josie.

A newly hired celebrity from the Carter Group was invited to play the piano at the wedding. Celebrities
were indeed different; they had their unique charm.

Suddenly, Laura appeared and grasped Josie’s hand. “How’s everything?”

The others were surprised by the interaction between Laura and Josie, not knowing that they were

Josie looked at her and asked, “Don’t you need to greet the guests?”

“Summer doesn’t need me. Don’t you think this event is more like a company opening ceremony?”

Josie laughed at Laura’s sarcastic remark.

Just then, she unintentionally made eye contact with Claudia. The latter quickly averted her gaze,
which disheartened Josie.

Some commented discontentedly behind Josie’s back. “So what if she’s Dexter’s wife now? Dexter
once ignored her feelings for Summer.”

“Yeah. They’ll probably get divorced sooner or later. Dexter’s wife is not an easy role to play.”

Laura wasn’t as tolerant as Josic. She shot a glare at the gossipers and was about to rebuke them
when the celebrity on the stage spoke into the microphone. “Let’s wish Mr. Carter and Ms. Olsen a
blessed marriage!”

Josie asked Laura softly, “Who is she?”

Laura glanced at the woman on the stage and chuckled. “Her name is Xenia Watson, and she’s
Arnold’s ex- girlfriend. She’s not a kind woman. Just watch.”

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