That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 566

The Truth Behind Josie’s Birth


Claudia raised her hand and delivered a sharp slap.

“Madam!” The servant gasped.

Summer fell to the ground and held her face in disbelief as she looked up at the quivering woman
before her. She continued, “Did I say anything wrong? It’s like you’ve lost your soul since she left.
You’ve abandoned me and my brother, consumed by your devotion and prayers. Will reciting God’s
words and prayers bring her back? It’s been so many years, and there’s still no trace of her anywhere!”

Those words struck Claudia’s heart.

“You’ve neglected and abandoned your entire family, treating me like I never existed. Would you kick
me out and let Liana inherit the Olsen family if she were to return?” D

Summer’s voice quavered as tears streaked her face. The lead in her body finally lifted.

“Summer, this is absurd! How can you even say such a thing?” Claudia’s voice trembled as she bent
over, clutching her chest. “I have dedicated my life to raising you and your brother. Haven’t you felt the
love I haye for both of you?”

“And as for Liana, she is your sister, your own flesh and blood. How can you be so cold–hearted?”

Summer raised an eyebrow, smiling as she said, “I don’t feel that way. I’ve barely seen her a few times.
I never considered her as a sister, just a vague figure. I don’t understand why you can’t move on
because of her.”

Each sentence that left her mouth continued to pierce Claudia’s heart deeper. She was too furious to
speak, her lower lips trembling with suppressed rage.

Summer knelt on the ground, clutching her legs. Her eyes filled with fear and anxiety as she added,
“Mother, will you not want me anymore if Liana returns?”

Claudia lowered her gaze coldly.

Anxiety crawled over her body as she uttered, “Is it true? I’m terrified, Mother. I have nightmares every
night where you only love my sister and don’t even see me. Will those dreams come true?”

Claudia sensed the fear in Summer’s voice. She felt slightly calm as she stroked her head gently and
reassured her, “You’re both my daughters. How could that be? You’re overthinking it.”

As Summer held onto her tightly, her mind filled with the recent information the detective had

“As for Paul, he used to be a surgeon at Rivodia Hospital, and Josie was adopted by him while working
there. His wife was always unhappy about it. Later, he made a medical mistake and was fired from the
hospital. The whole family moved to Wavery City,” The detective informed as he presented a stack of

“Indeed, Josie is not his biological child.”

“All the surveillance cameras malfunctioned then, leaving no trace of the missing Liana, in the Olsen
family’s search. Over the years, finding any leads has become even more challenging. Without Ms.

providing the crucial clue and aligning the time and location with Paul, the truth of Josie being Liana

wouldn’t have been uncovered.”

With everything coming to light, Summer closed her eyes and asked, “If Dexter and the Olsen family
investigate Josie, will they discover all of this?”

“Highly unlikely, as even Paul himself is unaware that Josie is the child who went missing from the
Olsen family years ago.”

“This matter must be kept strictly confidential. Any leakage will cost you your life!”

“Yes… Ms. Olsen, then what about the money…

“Collect it in two hours.”

Summer opened her eyes as she returned to the present moment. “I’m sorry, Mother. I got carried
away and spoke out of turn. Please don’t be angry.

Claudia’s anger was alleviated. She sighed, “You have suffered much all these years, and Mother is
sorry for that.”

Summer gently shook her head. “No, I’m doing well. From now on, I will follow the path and live even
better. I will marry Arnold.”

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