That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 573

Hold Tight

Dexter’s gentleness made Josie regret remembering someone whom she shouldn’t. She cracked a
smile. “I hope I didn’t disgrace you.”

Dexter replied with a smile, “Not at all. When did you learn the piano?”

“When I was in uni.” Josie thought about it and answered honestly.

She could feel Dexter’s hand stiffen momentarily.

“You’re pretty good at it.”

Meanwhile, the guests who attended the wedding realized how absurd the rumors were. How would a
loving couple like Dexter and Josie possibly get divorced?

“I’m tired.” Josie mumbled.

Her face was pale. Dexter carried her to the lounge, which was a quiet space. “I still need to talk to
some people. Rest here first. We’ll go home together later.”

Josie nodded. “Okay. I’ll wait for you.

Dexter kissed her on her forehead before striding back to the hall that was filled with materialistic
people. Everyone was socializing with the intention to garner benefits.

Josie sat obediently in the lounge. There were only servers passing by with food and drinks.

The servers, too, had witnessed Josie outshining Xenia just now and admired her boldness and dignity.
A server approached her and asked, “Mrs. Russell, would you like to have some drinks?”

Josie was thirsty, so she thought about it and said, “Can I have some orange juice, please? Thank

Just as the server was about to pass a glass of orange juice to Josie, a fair hand intercepted and took
over the glass to pass it to Josie.

Surprised, Josie lifted her head to see a familiar face. “Summer?”

Dressed in a white gown, Summer stood arrogantly before Josie.

The observant server sensed something was off and quickly left.

Holding the glass of juice, Summer uttered, “You’ve gained all the spotlights in my wedding, Mrs.

She had seen how composed Josie was and knew she could never be as elegant as her. Even Claudia
was impressed by Josie’s poise, which made Summer even more annoyed..

She would be in deep waters if Josie returned to the Olsen family.

Josie adjusted her shawl alertly and asked, “What do you want?”

“What else can I do? You’re so capable; there’s nothing I can do to you.” Summer sat down beside
Josie and said saltily, “Besides, I’m well aware that there’s no chance between Dexter and me.”

Josie didn’t intend to act before Summer. “I’m glad you know.”




“However, it doesn’t mean that others don’t stand a chance. You better hold tight to the identity and
don’t be dragged down.”

Josie was not interested in entertaining Summer but silently clenched her fists.

“You should worry for yourself if you’re so free. Oh well. Arnold’s parents are no longer around, so you
don’t have to deal with the elders. But he has plenty of women out there. Are you able to secure him?”
Josie smirked. “Even the public knows he loves you. But if he really does, why is he involved in so
many scandals during this period?”

Josie’s comment hit the bull’s-eye. Summer tightened her grip on the glass. Indeed, Arnold was a
ladies’ man. Xenia didn’t mess with her but went after Summer; this proved she knew who Arnold truly


“That’s none of your business.”

Josie took the glass of juice from Summer and said, “My matter is none of your business too.”

Summer stood up with a grin. “From now on, I’m Mrs. Carter. We’ll inevitably meet on various
occasions, and I look forward to it, Mrs. Russell.”

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