That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 578

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

She froze. “You-”

Morgan didn’t give her any chance to reject him. “Let me have a look.”

It was common knowledge that Morgan was a proud character. Many wouldn’t let the opportunity to be
taught by him pass.

Josie frowned, but her question was unrelated to the topic. “You know how to speak in our local

Morgan laughed. “My mom is from Wavery herself. I think I have a pretty good grasp of it.”

That’s true. He sounds natural, just like a native.

Josie glared at him, a flush coloring her puffed cheeks. “You lied to me.”

“Oooh, someone remembered me. What an honor,” he teased.

She didn’t reply to him after that.

When they arrived at the destination, her palms were sweaty, as though she had just been through an

Morgan’s leg was already healed. He was just wearing a plain white tee that day. As he yawned and
stretched, sunlight glistened on his black hair. Even from afar, he looked mesmerizing.

Josie gathered her courage and glared at him in annoyance.

Unfortunately, he turned around and met with her fierce glare. Both of them froze.

Even if the earth somehow formed a huge crevice, she would be too embarrassed to jump into i

Just like that, she spent a week with him, not knowing how they ended up spending so much ti

They were at Willowbrook Valley, an underdeveloped region living in poverty. They were helping an
elementary school located halfway through the valley. The kids there would have to walk several miles
in the dark just to go to a school that was severely lacking in resources. The cement of the walls had
fallen off over the years, making it look like a dilapidated building.

However, when Morgan was teaching the eager students in the small classroom, he seemed to shine
brightly in Josie’s eyes.

He had been around the world with his cousin and was quite knowledgeable. His stories enthralled the

His usual flamboyance had disappeared from his gentle voice when he was focused on teaching. He
seemed like a different person to her.

Still, the habits of being a sheltered, rich kid remained he was not used to the food there. Fortunately,
Josie thought of different recipes to improve it, putting a lot more effort into Morgan’s meal compared to

the rest.

After ruminating for a long time, she finally asked, “Do you think they will look at our suggestions in the

Morgan lowered his head to look at her. Through the leaves, glimmers of sunlight fell on her face. He
could even see the tiny fuzz on her face if he moved closer.

His heart skipped a beat, but he kept a composed demeanor.

“Go ahead and write it. I’ll help you with the rest.”

“For real?”


The sun slowly disappeared on the horizon, leaving shades of golden and pink in the blue sky. It was

Looking at Morgan in plain clothes, Josie’s thoughts wandered away.

After they went back to the university, Morgan carried out his promise this was the first time he treated.
something so seriously. They wrote their suggestions in a report and started a charity donation that
received great feedback.

It was not easy arranging all that, and to Morgan, it was not worth putting in the effort and time. Still, he
did everything perfectly.

__”Josie, I’m not a patient person; I’m quick-tempered, and I admit I’m pretty awful. There probably
won’t be a lot of change in me. Even so, would you agree to be my girlfriend?” At a party celebrating
their success, he whispered the question in her ears as he hugged her tightly.

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