That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 580

Still a Playboy

She still remembered how strong the winds were that night. She trembled in the dress he bought her,
holding her arms together as she held back a sob.

She remembered the helplessness when she walked back, as though every step she took was
trampling on her pride. She remembered convincing herself that he was different and that she should
be more understanding.

However, on her way back, she saw him kissing another woman. To be precise, it was his famous ex-
girlfriend that was sitting next to him in the car on the day Josie had first met him.

Josie started shaking as she looked at them stonily. Suddenly, she recalled someone telling her,
“Believe it or not, you will not end up with Morgan.”

And that prediction had come true.

Someone saw her and poked Morgan, who threw a fierce glare, annoyed they were disrupting him from
his sensual diversion. However, he paled when he saw Josie with that woman still in his arms.

After that, he started hooking up with various women and went to pubs all night without giving a damn
about Josie. He seemed to have returned to his days before he met her, spending money as though
nothing mattered-the most valuable thing to him was money.

That was the night they last saw each other.

When his ex-girlfriend visited Josie, she was in a hospital with an intravenous drip to cool down her

“What happened?” the ex-girlfriend asked in shock, but Josie did not reply.

Then, her red lips moved again, more rude this time. “Where’s Morgan?”

Josie still didn’t give any reply.

“Didn’t he tell you?” Understanding now dawned on the ex-girlfriend’s face.


“I shouldn’t tell you. He will be mad at me.” She laughed. “After all, it’s not something to be proud of.”

Josie replied calmly, “Explain.”

When Josie first met Morgan at the convenience store, the conversation that ensued in the car went
something like this.

“You’re not appealing enough for her.”

“Some people simply have no taste,” Morgan scoffed.

“Tsk! Weren’t you checking her out just now?”


“What for?”

“I’ll give you up for her.”

“Young lady,” the ex-girlfriend spoke, looking at Josie’s pale face with a similarly bewitching eye ast
Morgan’s. “Perhaps you didn’t know that Morgan’s dad died in a car accident before his wedding. It’s all
because of him that his mother steadied her footing in the family. He’s the pride of the family. Perhaps

hist family allowed him to fool around at this time, but he is bound to inherit the business. Of course, I
won’t give him to you.”

Josie let out a cold snort. The pain that shot through her heart sent tears streaming down her face.

She finally understood that what she thought was true love had always been a lie. From the beginning,
she had been a fool all along.

Morgan was not a simpleton. He was great at playing around with people’s emotions. Just like a cat in
the dark, he could hide his true self completely. As long as he wanted to, he could make any girl fall for
him. while he would never invest any true feelings in the relationship.

I should have known who he was from the beginning.

The ex-girlfriend didn’t push her any further. She patted Josie’s shoulders and left.

The girls toyed by Morgan could fill up an entire truck, and Josie was merely one of them. Yes, that’s
just who Morgan is. He’s not going to stay faithful to one person, and he won’t spend the rest of his life
peacefully with just a woman.

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