That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 579

Josie agreed without having any idea what love meant.

Morgan came from a wealthy family.

He took her on a helicopter, flying through mountain ranges. She could see the vast blue sky with
white, fluffy clouds from the windows. As she looked down, she felt insignificant compared to the vast
beauty of

Mother Nature before her.

He also brought her to a hilltop in London that provided a bird’s eye view of the bustling city. The
breeze that blew past brought the fragrance of the flowers.

He even brought her out to the sea. She remembered the star-filled night sky that looked like a galaxy.
As they gazed starry-eyed at the night sky while the boat swayed calmly, fish would sometimes leap
into the boat, scaring Josie.

Morgan gave Josie the experiences she never had. But when she talked to others about him, she
always said with a smile that he had been haughty and arrogant, behaving as though the entire world
owed. something to him when he got mad. Nevertheless, he treated her very well.

There were times he pulled an all-nighter to write assignments with her. She still remembered how he
broke his leg on a skiing trip, how he tried to cheer her up when they had arguments, how he socialized
seamlessly in important dinners regarding his future, how he pranked others, and how mean he could

when he mocked her.

Just like that, they spent two uneventful years together.

Like everyone else, they had fights, but they pulled through it. Some were envious of them, some
jealous, and some waiting to get a good laugh at Josie. At that time, Josie was still unaware that there
could be a lot of possibilities in life. By the time she realized it, Morgan’s temper started getting worse.

When her father visited her, she was completely unprepared for his arrival. She quickly left her lecture
and called Morgan into the washroom to pick her father up. He complained, but he still agreed after a
few seconds of silence.

Josie thought that he had some hidden concerns.

Morgan did as he was told and arranged everything. When Josie arrived at the hotel, she heard him.
explaining the restaurants and the food around them. Though he was polite and respectful, Josie
frowned when she heard that; it didn’t sound like him at all.

When he saw her, he whispered in her ears, “Just at the right time. I’ve got something up, so I have to
go first.”

She nodded.

Paul stayed for three days. Josie didn’t contact Morgan during that period, and he never appeared.

However, there were rumors about Josie forcing him to meet her parents.

Before Paul left, he advised, “Sure, that kid is polite, but you don’t belong in his world.”

Everyone else thought she was not good enough for him.

After a while, Morgan came to pick her up from her classes and brought her to parties as usual, as


However, he had always been quick-tempered. On top of that, he didn’t like to be restricted. Because of
his family, he could basically do anything he wanted. On the other hand, Josie could not afford to be as
whimsical as him. When a fight started between them, it was like a war.

Josie had her pride as well. She left him in front of all his friends, running away as she texted, I’m not
good for you. This Cinderella doesn’t suit your highness.

When Morgan saw the text, he threw the phone into the pool. Meanwhile, his friends exchanged
glances. with each other, not daring to say a word.

Josie was not far away. She could hear the voices of his friends, but Morgan never looked for her.

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