That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 587

Don’t Let Her Out

Josie was still angry about Dexter when she entered the bathroom. She took a long bath and found
Dexter standing outside the bathroom in casual clothes and his arms crossed.

He stared at her unwaveringly.

Josie pretended not to see him and dried her hair with a towel. Dexter suddenly grabbed her hand and
pulled her back as she was about to walk away.

That forced Josie to return to her original spot. His grip hurt her hand, causing red marks to appear on
it. She gradually looked up. “What’s this for? Are you punishing me because Xenia is your lover?”

Her words angered Dexter even more. His gaze turned vicious as he said, “Josie, when have you
become so nasty!”

Nasty? Josie laughed in anger. “Only my father has the right to speak to me in such a tone,”

Dexter narrowed his eyes threateningly.

He grabbed her hand. “Why did you go to Carter Group?”

Josie daringly met his gaze. “I was having an affair with Arnold. Happy now?”

She deliberately angered him. Dexter felt a sharp pain in his heart. He forced down his fury and replied.
“I’m talking to you. Why did you go to Carter Group?”

If not for you, why would I bother going to Carter Group?

However, Josie strongly resisted saying those words.

She was so persistent and stubborn that Dexter sensed something was wrong, but he could not figure
out why. He softened his tone. “Can you please tell me? I won’t get angry.”

Won’t he get angry? He has no right to be angry with me.

Josie looked up and repeated, “I’ve told you. I went there to have an affair with Arnold.”

The word ‘affair’ caused Dexter to narrow his eyes. His voice turned stern. “Stop lying!”

“Isn’t that what you think?”


She looked at his familiar face and did not dare think he was intimate with another woman. Although
she wanted to trust him, her faith in him had severely diminished.

“You still won’t tell me?” Dexter’s gaze turned cold and vicious. “You can stay here until you’re willing to
tell the truth!”

He left the room and locked the door. Furthermore, he ordered the servants, “Don’t let her out until
she’s willing to confess!”

Isn’t this a house arrest?

el! Let me out!”

No one responded.

Josie was having her period, so her face was alarmingly pale. Moreover, she had fallen into the pool.
Thus, her headache was worse than usual, and she felt unbearable discomfort all over her body.

Josie lay in bed and had no choice but to turn on her phone to seek help from Laura. She noticed the
messages Laura had sent her.

“Did you push Xenia into the pool?

What happened? Why aren’t you responding?

You’re trending!”

‘Xenia’s management agency blamed you for everything! Where are you? Please reply!

There were chains of damning comments.

Josie did not expect to be trending. Xenia was a celebrity and had many fans. Thus, almost all of the
comments were scolding Josie.

She read the comments one by one and suddenly felt tired. At the same time, she found her situation
laughable. Is this how it feels to have no one believe you?

It’s pointless to explain.

Then, she closed her eyes. Dexter is the kind of person to be ruthless when he gets angry.

He must have turned on signal blockers. There’s likely no phone signal in the region around Mason

Josie’s eyes were red with fury. On her phone screen, the message ‘I would have to be crazy to give in
to Dexter’ kept buffering. Then, a red exclamation mark popped up, indicating that it could not be sent.

Josie lost all hope. Even if Laura were to rush to Mason Manor, she could not do anything about
Dexter’s decision.

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