That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 576

His Old Flame

Morgan had been a man of few words. Just as Laura was about to say something, she received a call
from work.

“Josic, carry on the chat with Dr. Morgan,” Laura said, then she went to a corner to accept the call.

Josie nodded and pinched the hem of her shirt subconsciously. It was a sign that she was nervous, and
this habit hadn’t changed after all those years.

Morgan opened a bottle of water before passing it to Josie. “You dressed up quite formally today,
looking very different from how I remembered.”

Josie took a deep breath, but she didn’t accept the water. Finally, she plucked up enough courage to
look at him. “Morgan.”

“Well, you still remember me. He smiled.

Of course. You were there in all my memories when I was younger.

“I recalled you studied financial management, not psychiatry.” Hence, she had no clue that Laura’s
psychiatrist was him.

-1 studied this field after going abroad. It seems to be going quite well.” With that, he forced the bottle

water into her hands. “But it’s a surprise that Matthew is your friend.”

“Morgan, I’m married,” she suddenly blurted.

He froze for a moment before quickly retorting, “I know.”

He’s been speaking with Laura. He probably knows a lot about me.

“But I also know that…” He suddenly scooted closer and spoke into her ears. “He hasn’t been treating
you well.”

His words were like a catalyst that triggered all her emotions about the topic. She shoved him away
and replied. “It’s none of your business.”

Right at that moment, Laura turned around after finishing her call. To her, both of them seemed like
they knew each other beforehand and held grudges.

“What’s wrong?” She walked to them.

Josie stared at Morgan with conflicted emotions. “Laura, I have to leave first. I forgot that I have
something up.”

With that, she hurried away.

Laura was at a loss regarding what had just transpired. She looked at Morgan, who gestured

“Go after her.”

Josie had gotten quite far. She heaved breathlessly, almost unable to accept Morgan’s return. After so
many years, I thought he would never come back here…..

Memories of their relationship came flooding back like a torrent, as though it was a dream.

In her first year in university, she was a local in Wavery, while all her roommates were from other cities.
The difference in their habits made it difficult to mingle with them, so Josie mostly spent most of her
time alone, focusing on her studies.

Her first encounter with Morgan was in a convenience store. That day, she lost track of time while
studying in the library until it was way past curfew in her dorm. She found a twenty-four-hour
convenience store and bought food as she looked at the hazy moon in the sky.

Even late at night, Waverly was a busy city. Sports cars raced after one another, owned by the
flamboyant young men locally. Even their car plates were extravagant.

Josie had one of her hands in the pocket of her denim dress as she smoked a cigarette, thinking about
how to wake up the dorm master to get back into the dorm.

It was at that moment Morgan appeared.

An ostentatious car pulled to a stop before her, with a driver even more flashy than the car. His
bewitching eyes stared straight into hers, but the smile on his face made him seem harmless.

What a good-looking man.

“Hey, love.” He arched his eyebrow as he spoke in a thick British accent.


With another smile, he passed some money to her. “Can you grab a pack of cigarettes for me?”

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