That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 581

Gone Missing

Josie returned to the world she belonged to. She continued to study hard and spent the rest of her
time. doing part-time jobs, not fitting into any social groups at all.

She never saw Morgan since then; he disappeared from her life as though he had never existed.

Hence, she never thought he would return.

The past memories came flooding back to her as she walked on the empty sidewalk. Everything
seemed like a distant dream.

Laura drove to her and blasted the car horn loudly. “Where are you going?”

She returned to her senses and lifted her head blankly. “Laura…”

“I have no clue what happened. I just hope you’re happy.” she said as Josie got into the car.

Josie looked at her gratefully. “It’s nothing. I’m just slightly bothered by some insignificant matters.”

While speaking, she replied to the anonymous number. What do you want?”

But she received no reply.

Seeing that Josie had no intentions of disclosing the troubling matters occupying her mind, Laura
chirped cheerfully, “Let’s go have some fun!”


She brought Josie to a club with music blasting so loudly that Josie thought she was going to be deaf.
“I’m not supposed to come here-Dexter doesn’t like it. Let’s change a spot!”

Her soft voice was engulfed by the noisy surroundings.

Laura held her hand tightly as she led the way to a private VIP room.

“You’re finally here, Laura!”

“Who is this pretty lady?”

Laura introduced proudly, “She’s my best friend, Josie. I won’t allow any of you to have your eyes on
her! Josie, these are my friends.”

Josie met their gazes anxiously. She hadn’t adapted to the sudden switch from a luxurious wedding to


“Hi, guys!”


Someone tried to flirt with her, but Laura replied, “I know what you’re thinking-she’s married to an
important figure. If you know who he is, you will be so shocked.”

Then, she turned to Josie and said soothingly, “Don’t worry, I will send you home later; nothing bad will
happen. I’ve been staying still for so many days, so I’m going to have my share of fun later!”

She went on stage as though she owned the place and started partying with the DJ.

The people around them were dressed in the minimal possible amount of clothing.

Josie could feel her heart beating to the rhythm of the loud music. How could Laura stand this? I’m

She kept glancing at the time, but she eventually got used to the noise thrumming through her ears.
Not wanting to ruin Laura’s fun, she sat in a corner and fell asleep.

Unbeknownst to her, Dexter’s face was as dark as night when he couldn’t find her.

“Where’s she?”

“Perhaps Mrs. Russell got bored and… went back first.

Something felt off to Dexter. He quickly drove back to Mason Garden.


When the maids heard his call, they asked, “What’s wrong? Isn’t Mrs. Russell with you? She’s not

The shadows looming behind Dexter’s figure seemed to grow bigger.

“Check the surveillance cameras around here and the hotel. I want to know where she is in half an
hour!” he commanded.

We have to keep this down. Otherwise, everyone will know I lost my wife tomorrow.

The empty void in his heart suddenly seemed bigger than usual, threatening to swallow him whole.
Fear gripped his whole body as he recalled how she disappeared two months ago, abandoning him.

He covered his face with his hands to hide the panic on his face as pain shot through him.

The phone on the table showed all the calls that didn’t go through.

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