That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 583

Are You Hiding Anything?

Annoyance suddenly flooded her when she heard that. “Isn’t it my freedom to go wherever I want?”

Dexter frowned in worry. “That’s not what I meant.”

Josie got out of the car and went to the bathroom directly to take a cold shower.

On the other side of Wavery, Xenia’s manager reported to her.

“The Carter Group has decided to terminate the contract…” she reported nervously.

All the contracts and commissions related to Xenia had been dissolved, including the shows that had
confirmed her participation-the film set found a substitute for her.

Since she no longer had any work, she stayed at home and drank.

“Good for you, Arnold, to be able to control everything to this extent, she muttered drunkenly.

She had been the star of the industry. After making a name for herself, she had never been so
humiliated. It was not great to be plunged into the abyss from the clouds.

Everything she had was given by Arnold. She had been docile, accepting of every request, and never
asked for anything outrageous. Hence, she stayed with him for a long time.

She couldn’t even remember the day he suddenly asked for a breakup.

Xenia thought it was because of Summer, but an unfamiliar face appeared next to Arnold frequently.

Once, when Josie fell asleep, Xenia had witnessed how Arnold wanted to caress her hair, yet he
hesitated. He treated her as though she was the rarest treasure in the world.

Hence, when everyone thought he fell for Summer, Xenia knew it was Josie all along.

She gritted her teeth when she recalled the embarrassment at Summer’s wedding. She didn’t seem
like at celebrity at all.

“What does she deserve?” She clenched the wine glass.!

“Xenia, stop thinking about provoking Josie. Let alone Arnold; we can’t afford to make Dexter our

“Can’t afford? I doubt that.” She arched her eyebrows and took a deep breath. “We have one more
commercial shoot with Carter Group, don’t we?”

“Yes. That’s the last one for this season-they didn’t cancel it, probably wanting to end on a good note.
Otherwise, they would have to break the contract.”

“When is it?”

“The day after tomorrow, at a studio owned by Carter Group.”

Meanwhile, Josie’s mind cleared up after the shower.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Dexter waiting for her.

She lowered her head as she folded up the towel. “I accompanied Laura to view some apartments


She wanted to cheer me up, so she brought me to the club-it wasn’t on purpose. Don’t blame her; of
course. I’m not to be blamed either.

She was more confident and natural whenever she spoke with Dexter. However, she left out the part
about meeting Morgan.

Standing in the dim yellow light, he replied seriously, I don’t blame anyone. I’m just worried about your
safety; I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“What would happen? With you around, Wavery is the safest city, isn’t it?” she retorted mockingly.

Dexter realized that she wasn’t in a good mood and fell silent.

“Sleep well, Josie. Goodnight.” He was a decisive person; since the conversation could hardly go on,
he decided to end it and made his way to the study.

Before he walked away, she suddenly called out in a small voice, “Dexter.”

He turned around.

“Is there anything you’re not telling me?” she asked after mustering her courage.

He paused briefly for a few seconds. “No.”

Josie closed her eyes when she heard his reply.

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