That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 585

Causing Him Difficulties

Arnold was drenched. Water dripped from his hair as he swam to Josie. He grabbed her hand and
pulled her up. “Are you okay?”

Josie never expected him to show up.

The film set was chaotic. A few staff jumped into the water to save Xenia.

Arnold’s eyes were wet, but Josie could see the fury burning within them, leaving her stunned.

“I’m fine…”

Arnold dragged Josie onto dry land. Josie’s maid immediately covered her with her towel. “Mrs.
Russell, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Josie shivered from the cold and pulled the towel tighter around her. Then, she looked up and asked,
“Why are you here?”

Arnold dried his hair with a towel. His gaze had turned calm again. “I was passing by and noticed what
happened. Josie, why do I keep bumping into you? How can you be so careless about your safety?”

-If one were to listen closely, one could hear a hint of anger in his tone.

Josie looked down, pretending to dry her hair. She did not know how to reply to Arnold or tell him why
she was there.

Meanwhile, Xenia spurted the water she swallowed after a staff conducted CPR on her. She glared at
Josie, unable to conceal the hatred in her eyes.

However, she suddenly noticed that Arnold was there. Her eyes widened in shock. It was too late to
take everything back.

Why is he here?

“Mr. Russell…” The director came to Arnold and did not know what to say.

Furthermore, he never expected his small-scale filming would trigger Arnold’s wrath.

“Is this how you treat actors?” Arnold asked coldly.

“It’s… It’s an oversight.”

The spectators were curious. They knew Xenia was one of Arnold’s ex-girlfriends. Yet, he did not save
her first and saved Josie instead.

Furthermore, he was married, and his wife was the daughter of the Olsen family.

Everyone was interested to see how things would unfold.

Arnold sensed the situation would cause severe repercussions. He tossed the towel aside and turned
to Josie. “I’ll call him.”

Josie instantly understood who he was talking about. She parted her lips and mumbled, “Dexter.”

Arnold glanced at her.

Josie shook her head. “I understand it will cause you trouble, but I can’t let him know…”

If Dexter knew she came to Carter Group, he would investigate and get to the bottom of it. However,
Josie could not let him find out anything yet.

Arnold laughed upon hearing her. He bent toward her and looked into her eyes with a hint of bitterness.
“Why did you make such a request even though you knew it would put me in trouble? Do you not feel
sorry for me?”

While Arnold knew he did not matter much to Josie, hearing such words from her still hurt.

Josie did not insist and fell silent. Water dripped from her hair.

Arnold’s heart trembled when he saw her docile and helpless. However, he steeled his heart. “Please
understand. I’ve recently gotten married. You know how scandalous it is if news spread about me
jumping in to save another man’s wife.”

Josie understood and felt regretful. She realized she should never have come here. Judging from
Xenia’s behavior, she could not have been the one who sent her the photo.

Arnold walked away. He glared at Xenia as he walked past her. “We need to talk.”

Xenia trembled with fear. She knew Arnold would not forgive her for the times she harmed Josie.

Meanwhile, Andy brought clean clothes to a break room in Carter Group. He said awkwardly, “Ms.
Warren, you put Mr. Carter in a difficult position.”

“I understand. Please convey my apology to him,” Josie replied sincerely. “Feel free to call me if he
needs me to explain anything to Summer.”

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