That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 586

She Received a Video

Andy was about to say something but stopped himself. In the end, he sighed and left the room.

The maid could not understand why Josie had to apologize. “Mr. Carter jumped in on his own volition.
How could it be your fault…”

Josie was not sure how to explain. She felt indebted to Arnold.

After waiting in the break room for twenty minutes, Josie’s phone beeped, causing her to jump in

The maid was puzzled by her reaction. She handed Josie the phone and said, “Mrs. Russell, it’s a

Josie shuddered and sensed a shiver down her spine. The message was like Pandora’s box, tempting
her to open it.

She accepted the phone and slowly unlocked the screen. It was the same unknown number as before.
A video popped up below her earlier ‘What do you want?’ reply.

It was a fifteen-second video.

Josie was wary about opening it.

She took a deep breath to control her trembling before walking to the side to open it.

The video was dark, but she could vaguely see a woman placing a cup of water on the bedside table.
As shi was about to leave, the man sleeping soundly suddenly got up and forcefully trapped her
beneath him. Ho kissed and groped her, causing her to moan.

His actions were smooth and well-practiced.

The photo must have come from this video.

Josie felt excruciating pain in her heart as if a knife had stabbed her. It left her so wobbly that she
nearly. dropped her phone.

She and Dexter had intimate relations many times. How could she not recognize his mannerism?

Is this real?

“Mr. Russell…” the maid suddenly whispered.

Josie stiffened. She gradually turned around and saw the man in her thoughts standing right before her.

Dexter was dressed in a suit and had just come out of a fneeting. A slight stubble on his chin made
him. even more mature and handsome. However, his expression was sullen and intimidating.

He glanced at Josie and found her drenched all over. She seemed alluring, like a delicate flower.

The thought that Arnold saw her in this state filled hira with intense jealousy.

Josie’s anger grew as she watched him approach her. Any sense of remorse she had disappeared
after sh watched the video.

He said he had hidden nothing from me.

But that video couldn’t have been fake.

Suddenly, the maid exclaimed. She noticed blood on Josie’s clothes. “Mrs. Russell, you’re bleeding…”

Josie glanced at it and was puzzled because she felt no pain. However, she soon figured out the
reason and closed her eyes.

At this moment, she felt someone grabbed her wrist. She looked up into Dexter’s cold gaze. He
tightened his grip but did not say anything. Then, he took off his jacket and tied it around her waist.

He knew what caused the blood stain on her clothes.

His thoughtfulness did not move Josie, but she also found it hard to imagine that he had an affair with
another woman.

She shoved his hand away. “Thank you for your kindness. I can walk by myself

Her tone angered Dexter. She only managed to step forward before Dexter wrapped his arms around
her waist and carried her, leaving her feet dangling in the air. Dexter threatened in his fury, “Don’t
move, or I’ll throw you back into the water. You can stay there all night.”

Dexter truly lost his temper.

But Josie felt numb. Shouldn’t I be the one angry?

The maid dared not say anything when Dexter was in a bad mood.

Dexter brought Josie back to Mason Garden.

Moses could not help but feel nervous as he drove the car.

On the other hand, Josie sat in a corner and tried to get as far away as she could from Dexter. She did
not want to speak, especially to him.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s expression darkened like a sky on the verge of a storm.

Once they arrived at Mason Garden, Julie was shocked to see Josie in a disheveled state. “Oh dear,
what happened to you?”

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