That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 590


Dexter loses his rationality whenever anything happens to Josie.

Is Josie… that important to him?

After half an hour, the lights in the emergency room went out, and a group of doctors came out of the


Larry went to them and asked, “How is she?”

The lead doctor sighed and glanced at the intimidating Dexter, who stood a short distance from him.
Dexter remained in his spot and stared at them.

The doctor’s sigh heightened his anxiousness. “How is she? Say something.”

This was the best hospital in the city, so all the doctors had extensive clinical experience. They thought
Josie had a severe condition when Dexter rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night.
However, after a complete body check-up, she only had a fever.

Then, one of them recognized Josie and exclaimed, “Isn’t she the recently trending Mrs. Russell

The medical staff were shocked. They recalled the scene outside the emergency room and understood
what was happening. Knowing who their patient was gave them a sense of trepidation. Thus, they did
everything they could to treat her.

However, it was only a fever. Still, she nearly fainted from it. Her condition would have turned
threatening had she been brought to the hospital any later.

“Don’t worry. Her fever has subsided, and we administered an IV drip. She should wake up soon.”
Then, the doctor felt it was his duty to reprimand Dexter. “How could not one notice until her fever
reached. such severity? She would have been in serious trouble if she were brought here any later.”

The maid looked down in remorse.

Dexter’s eyes flickered. Finally, he said, “When will she wake up?”

“It depends on her recovery. She exhausted herself recently. Thus, she must be more careful and get


Dexter’s gaze darkened slightly.

These doctors had fulfilled their duties the best that they could. Still, they could not help but feel
intimidated by Dexter’s domineering presence. Larry was more approachable than Dexter, so the lead
doctor said, “Please come with me to get her prescriptions.”

Larry left with the doctor.

The hospital director arranged a VIP room for Josie.

Dexter stood by the bed and watched the soundly sleeping woman. She was no longer flushed like
before. Moreover, she seemed so peaceful and quiet that Dexter’s anger disappeared.

However, he could not help but worry about her. He bent down and touched her face, recalling the
times she remained by his side when he fell asleep. One time, he caught her trying to kiss him. She
was so embarrassed that her face turned pink.

Dexter sat by her bed and watched her unwaveringly, letting time slip by.

Larry went to the ward after getting Josie’s prescription. He was about to push the door to get in but
was stunned by the scene before him.

The usually stern and emotionless Dexter tucked Josie under the blanket and arranged her shoes so
that she could put them on easily later.

Josie slept for a long time and was no longer disturbed by turbulent dreams. It was morning by the
time. she woke up.

She thought she was still under house arrest in her room in Mason Garden. Thus, she opened her eyes
and resolved to accept her situation calmly. Unexpectedly, everything she saw was white. Furthermore,
Dexter was right beside her.

He looked at her and seemed to have watched her for a long time. Josie instinctively glanced at her
surroundings and realized she was in the hospital.

Dexter appeared calm. He adjusted her bed so that she could be propped up slightly.

Then, he went to the kitchen and brought her a bowl of soup. “Your fever subsided. You should eat

Josie did not forget how he hurt her heart. She closed her eyes and replied, “Can you leave? I want to

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