That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 595

Were You with Another Woman

Dexter had provided Anderson with the best resources and training opportunities since Anderson
showed medical talent. He funded everything, whether studying overseas or returning to the country to
begin his medical career.

Therefore, Dexter called Anderson over before he traveled overseas. This time, it was not as a friend
but as an employer. He said, “You know I trusted you’

In other words, he implied Anderson should only work for him and no one else.

He spared no effort to nurture Anderson’s talent, yet Anderson did not show up when he needed him.

Anderson expected Dexter to bring this up. “I couldn’t abandon the patient during a life-threatening
condition. You can punish me as you see fit.”

Dexter did not seem to care. “How is he now?”

Josie quietly did her own thing. She knew when to stay out of Dexter’s matter.

Anderson answered honestly, “He is all right now.”

looked at the teacup indifferently. “I understand a doctor must treat the ill. The matter was too

I don’t blame you.”


His words indicated understanding. Unknowing outsiders would even say that Dexter was generous,
However, those present would see his stern expression as he spoke. Anderson’s face turned pale. He
kneeled and apologized immediately, “I was wrong.”

However, Dexter frowned and said, “Stand up.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. I only asked a question. You don’t have to kneel.”

Anderson stood up as he was told.

“But if a person who works for me saves someone else when my life is at risk, how am I to trust this

This was the main thing Dexter wanted to say.

His words also exposed the true nature of their relationship. They usually behaved like friends, but
Anderson did not have the right to be Dexter’s equal.

Anderson was silent for some time before saying, “I will prioritize you from now on.”

Josie stopped pouring tea and watched warm steam rising from the cup.

Dexter smiled and replied, “There’s no need for that. I’m not an unreasonable person. Since you work
in a hospital, you should fulfill your responsibilities to the patients.”

“I understand…”

Then, Dexter smiled and said, “Josie’s health is weak. Can you prescribe something to help her

“Yes, Mr. Russell.”

This was what made Dexter intimidating. He aroused fear in people without having to say a word.
Everyone could not help but be scared in his presence when he remained silent.

After Anderson left, Josie changed her clothes and said without looking up, “Can I talk to you?”

Dexter was briefly stunned before following her.

The bedroom was dim as only a lamp was left on. Josie and Dexter sat facing each other, looking at
each other’s faces. After a while, she took a deep breath and steeled her resolve. “Were you with
another woman beside me?”

Dexter frowned upon hearing her.

It was pointless to ask an adult male such a question.

Therefore, Josie corrected herself. “I mean, did you get together with another woman after we were

Dexter’s frown deepened. He felt her question was absurd. “No, I have never been with anyone after I
married you.”

He answered without hesitation.

Josie could not understand why she suddenly felt relieved. Then, she nodded and pulled out her

She opened the relevant message and showed it to Dexter. “What is this then?”

She had decided to talk about the matter openly.

Dexter’s gaze turned bleak the instant he saw the message.

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