That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 591

He Made It

Larry waited for a long time before Dexter finally left Josie’s ward.

He noticed how haggard Dexter seemed and bowed slightly. “Mr. Carter informed me that he would
blacklist Xenia.”

Dexter unstrapped the watch on his wrist. “She’s already a B-list celebrity, and he has no qualms
kicking her. That’s surprisingly responsible of him.”

Sensing the sarcasm in his tone, Larry said, “That woman did not know what’s good for her and
provoked. Mrs. Russell and Ms. Olsen. Arnold would not let her go unpunished.”

Dexter arched his eyebrows upon hearing Larry. “Ms. Olsen?”

Larry immediately corrected himself. “I meant Mrs. Carter.”

Dexter walked away. He paused briefly and glanced at Josie’s ward. “Josie has been behaving
strangely recently. I need you to investigate if anyone did something to her.”

“Yes, Mr. Russell.”

Josie lay in bed and counted with her fingers the number of times she had been hospitalized in the past
two years. Although life was hard in the past, she was healthy. However, now that she had better
means, she kept getting ill because of Dexter.

She turned on her phone and glanced at the screen. It was November, meaning another year would


She wanted to look at the video again, but her courage faltered the moment she tapped on it. Thus,
she had no choice but to turn it off.

It was late.

Dexter cooked soup in the kitchen and flinched when he accidentally scalded his hand. Larry could not
stand seeing the man he esteemed get hurt. Thus, he stepped forward and said, “Mr. Russell, let me
do it. You haven’t slept the whole of last night. What about you get some rest.”

However, Dexter glanced up indifferently and said, “Get out.”

Larry flinched and did not dare to speak.


Dexter looked elegant as he focused on cooking. He scooped the soup into a bowl. While waiting for it
to cool, he slowly wiped his hands and asked casually, “Have you completed what I asked?”

“Yes, Mr. Russell. Xenia’s management agency released a statement before blacklisting her and
explained the truth to the public. Mrs. Russell’s reputation has been restored.”


Once the temperature was right, Dexter brought the soup to Josie’s ward. As he was about to enter, he
noticed people standing before Josie’s bed. Laura was one of them.

He paused and stayed quiet.

Josie looked past the people around her bed and noticed Dexter. She wanted to warn them that Dexter
was here, but Laura interrupted, “Isn’t he too much? How could he treat you like this when it wasn’t

your fault? Xenia blatantly bullied you. Understandably, you get back at her for what she did. How could
he vent his anger on you?”

Josie did not hold back her laughter.

She noticed Dexter leaving a paper bag by the door and left quietly. Then, Larry carefully closed the

Her smile froze.

After a while, Josie came to her senses and said, “Laura, can you get me that paper bag?”

Laura ran to get it. “What is it?”

She opened the bag and found a bowl of soup. The soup was packed with nutritious ingredients and
smelled delicious.

Laura glanced at Josie and was confused. “Did you order a takeaway?”

Josie placed the soup aside and replied indifferently, “Dexter made it.”

Laura was rendered speechless.

Josie ate a spoonful and thought it tasted all right. She asked, “You looked better. How’s your health.

Laura sat down slowly. “I’m not sure. Zach has been sent to Sudenton. I’m not sure when he will be
back. It feels like I’m strapped to a time bomb.”

Josie understood what she meant and nodded. She paused eating and asked, “Is Dr. Morgan still
treating you?”

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