That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 594

You Have Gone Overboard

“Mrs. Russell,” Moses said respectfully. He had worked with Dexter for so long that it was natural to

Josie did not want to cause a scene. “Please leave. Xenia brought reporters with her. It would be
troublesome if the matter gets on the news.” Although she hated Xenia, she did not want to use
violence against her.

Moses remained still. “Anyone who dares to publish anything shall die.”

Xenia trembled as she lay on the floor. Josie could not stand it anymore. “Please listen to me and let
her. go. I don’t want to pursue the matter. I want to forget what happened today.”

Moses was uncertain and turned to Dexter for instruction. Josie followed his line of sight and looked
into Dexter’s eyes.

She knew Dexter had instructed Moses to do this.

Moses kicked Xenia and said, “Fine, I’m willing to let it go if you apologize to Mrs. Russell and admit
that you slandered her.”

“You… you….” Tears fell from Xenia’s eyes.

Seeing the scene, Josie went to Dexter and said urgently, Tell Moses to stop right now!”

Previously, she had spoken as if she wanted Xenia dead, but now, she protected her. Dexter suddenly
grew furious and grabbed Josie’s chin. “She slandered you. How could you plead for mercy on her
behalf? Josie, it’s pointless to pretend to be nice around me.”

Dexter’s words fanned the flame of Josie’s anger. However, she did not want to argue and tried to
leave, only for him to grab her arm.

He glanced at Moses, prompting Moses to stand straight and shout at Xenia, “Apologize now!”

Xenia’s eyes were filled with tears. She considered quickly and swallowed her anger. “Mrs. Russell…
I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those words. Please forgive me.”

Although Josie wanted Xenia to apologize, she did not want the apology to be due to Dexter’s threat.
Still, she could not help but find it satisfying to see Xenia in this state. Thus, she nodded with conflicting

Dexter glared at her. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Before Xenia could say anything, her staff immediately helped her to stand up and dragged her away.
All the while, Xenia cried profusely and looked pitiful and humiliated.

Once the crowd left, Moses and the maid retreated, leaving Josie alone with Dexter.

Josie glared at Dexter and wrenched her arm from him. “You have gone overboard.”

Dexter pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. He embraced her and said softly.
“How can I defend you if you relent so easily?”

“How could you do this…”

“Are you going to let them bully you?”

“Who would dare to bully me after what you did? People will still spread the word even if the media
doesn’t publish anything.”

“They can say whatever they want.”

Then, Dexter regarded her cautiously. “Are you still angry…”

Josie knew he was sincere because he could never fake such a gentle demeanor. Still, she was not
sure how she felt. She pulled her hand away and replied, “Let’s leave the hospital first.”

Neither spoke as they traveled to Mason Garden. Silence hung tensely between them.

Anderson was already waiting when they arrived.

Dexter sat in the master seat while Josie made tea beside him. She was not used to making Darjeeling
tea, so it was not as fragrant as it should be. Still, Dexter drank it without complaining.

Furthermore, he seemed in a better mood than before.

Dexter finished his tea before looking at Anderson, who bowed his head in remorse.

Anderson came to Mason Garden expecting to be scolded.

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