That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 600

Proving His Innocence

Josie went to the work studio. She had been working from home for the past few days, and it seemed
she was doing nothing while everyone else was working.

She bought some snacks for her staff as afternoon tea. Everyone was astonished when she opened
the door and came in.

“You’ve become prettier, Ms. Warren.”

Josie’s dismal feelings finally improved. “You’re such a sweet talker. Take this and share it with

Laura also happened to be around today. The two sat together and had a good chat. “Have you solved
your problems with Dexter?”

Josie smiled. “Why are you such a busybody?”

“Pfft, I’m just curious. It’s not just me. Everyone else is curious about your love story and wants to
witness it personally.” Laura added, “Even my psychologist occasionally asks me about your recent
developments. You have such great charm.”

When Laura mentioned it, Josie froze. Morgan… Why is he asking about this?

“I’m doing fine. There’s nothing to ask about.”

Laura stopped asking when she saw Josie unwilling to speak.

Josie only found out that Laura had accepted Arnold’s project after coming to the work studio. Laura
thought it would be fine as long as Carter Group hadn’t collapsed.

Josie still felt that something wasn’t right, but she couldn’t say anything since things were at such a

At this time, her cell phone vibrated. It was a message from Dexter. ‘Look at your mailbox.

She took a deep breath and was torn for a few seconds before she opened her mailbox. There was a
video in it. It was around two minutes long.

She was surprised to see it was a scene after Dexter and Heather were intimate. In the video, he
paused for three seconds before pushing Heather away. The two stood opposite each other like they
were strangers.

After that, Dexter turned and left. Heather said something in agitation, and Dexter suddenly turned. He
grabbed her upper jaw and threatened her fiercely. He wasn’t affectionate to her at all.

This was the full vidéo.

Josie watched it calmly and breathed a slight sigh of relief… He really isn’t that kind of person.

Laura observed her expression and teased her. “What’s up? Have you solved your problems?”

Josie blushed. “Don’t make fun of me.”

After leaving the work studio, Dexter’s car was already waiting outside. It was an all-black vehicle. The
car door opened, and the man in the vehicle looked weary yet gentle. Josie stood still but went to him
in the


Dexter held her hands tightly and didn’t want to let go. “What do you want to eat for dinner?”

Josie let him do as he wanted to. “I haven’t forgiven you.”

He moved quickly and was able to get evidence in a day.

“What must I do for you to forgive me, Mrs. Russell?” The man humbled himself as he coaxed her.

Josie looked at him in exasperation and suddenly burst out laughing.

The weather was a lot cooler after the rain. The maple tree’s leaves outside Mason Garden started to
fall. The fallen maple leaves rustled as the car rolled over them.

Dexter came out of the study room, and Larry reminded him. “Today is Wavery University’s anniversary.
It’s Mrs. Russell’s alma mater.”

The man paused slightly. “Alright.”

At that moment, Josie was drawing at her computer in the master bedroom. Dexter suddenly appeared
behind her and grabbed her left hand. “Come out with me?”

“Where are we going?”

“Today is Wavery University’s anniversary. We’re invited.” He rubbed her nose.

Josie’s expression changed. She had never returned for so many years. The school’s anniversary…

“I don’t want to go.” She smiled. “I’m not done with my work.”

Dexter was very shrewd. His black eyes never left her and seemed gentle, but Josie could feel the
unruliness and vigor in his gaze.

“What are you afraid of?” He asked half-jokingly.


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